Modbury Town Heritage Trail (3)

3. St George’s Church

St George’s Church stands close to the original site of a small Priory, staffed with a Prior and just two Monks. The Priory was administered by the Norman Abbey St Mary of St Pierre sur Dives and was later dissolved in 1467. St George’s was rebuilt in approximately 1300 on the site of an early Saxon Church, and has a medieval spire.

St George’s as it is today

Adjacent to St George’s is St Monica’s Catholic Church, now shared with the Methodists.

Behind the church there is a small green lane, aptly known as Runaway Lane, so called after retreating Royalist Troops who used it as an escape route towards Plymouth in 1643. This is also the location of one of the beautiful countryside listed walks that includes Rogues Roost, which was a spy hole for Highwaymen to look out for victims.

Return down Church Street to the pedestrian crossing and turn left to ascend Brownston Street, past the public toilets to Chain House on your left. (Brownston is a small village within the Parish, it had a Methodist Chapel built in 1835, Its original font is now in St George’s Church)