Modbury Town Heritage Trail (11)

11. Reservoir

Fed from the Silverwell Spring, this was constructed in 1708 by Adrian Swete, to feed the three conduits in the town, the only water supply previously had been from the spring to the Priory, and the wells.

Turn left at the T-junction and walk to the end of Dark Lane. There are no pavements here so please watch the traffic.

Dark Lane was known originally as Rack Park and was where cloth was dried on tenterhooks.

B** Detour to QEII Recreation Field. Turn right at the end of Dark Lane and then right into the Recreation Field. It has a variety of sports
facilities and a nice picnic area with spectacular views in all directions. This site has exceptional views in all directions; to the east is the site of Shilstone, now the Devon Rural Archive and original home of the Savery family. Dartmoor Beacons are viewed due north and in the near distance there is the Ridge Road, one of the prehistoric and medieval track ways of Devon.

Turn left into Barrack Road and follow the old Barracks Wall for 300m.