Modbury Town Heritage Trail (1)

1. Market Cross

Market Cross is a crossroads adjacent to the White Hart (built in 1827 and once infamous for its Cock Fighting and Bear Baiting). Look for the old fireplace lintel embedded into the edge of the road. This is thought to have come from Court House, the original home of the Champernowne family that stood at the top of the hill, due North of the Church.


Catherine Champernowne (born 1519), was the mother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert who founded the British Colony in Newfoundland. From a second marriage to Walter Raleigh she had a son – the famous Sir Walter Raleigh. Court House was destroyed in the Civil War and sold for building materials in 1705.

There was once a Round House in the centre of the road, where corn and yarn were sold, while meat from the abattoir was sold in The Shambles in Church Street.

The Round House where corn and yarn were sold
The Shambles – meat market.

Head West up Church Street