Historical Documents

The Modbury History Society holds a number of documents relating to Modbury’s heritage. You can browse the catalogue here.

TitleItem RefDateDescription
Andrews DiariesAND01Edmund Andrews (7 separate "items") diaries - 1745 - 1779
Andrews DiariesAND01John Andrews (21 separate "items") diaries - January 1772 - 1792/3
Andrews DiariesAND02Edmund Andrews Diaries 1745 - 1749
Andrews DiariesAND03Edmund Andrews Diaries 1749 - 1754
Andrews DiariesAND04Edmund Andrews Diaries 1754 - 1760
Andrews DiariesAND05Edmund Andrews Diaries 1760 - 1765
Andrews DiariesAND06Edmund Andrews Diaries 1765 - 1768
Andrews DiariesAND07Edmund Andrews Diaries 1768 - 1772
Andrews DiariesAND08Edmund Andrews Diaries 1772 - 1777
Andrews DiariesAND09Edmund Andrews Diaries 1777 - 1779
Andrews DiariesAND10Notes on the Diaries of Edmund Andrews 1745 - 1779 compiled by B.M. Parry James January 1969
Andrews DiariesAND11Excerpts from John Andrews 1772 - 1792 compiled by Geoffrey Sheers (November 1991?)
Andrews DiariesAND12Excerpts from John Andrews Diaries compiled by Geoffrey Sheers November 1991.
Andrews DiariesAND13Selections from Andrews Diaries 1749 - 1779.
Andrews DiariesAND14Diaries of John Andrews II 1856 -1860
Andrews DiariesAND15Journal of a tour to Bath, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Clifton etc. October 1815.
Andrews DiariesAND16The Accounts of the Modbury Churchyard enlargement, 1845
Andrews DiariesAND17Original diary 1763 - 1845 plus extracts.
Andrews DiariesAND18"Andrews Family" extracted from "Hay, Suppes, and Allied Families" by Anna M. Hay. Published privately 1923 (no 63) Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA pp 330-359.
Andrews DiariesAND19Duplicates of certain pages from July 1765 to March 1767 from Edmund Andrews.
Andrews DiariesAND20Extracts from Edmund Andrews Diaries - Date references to individual topics e.g. family, health, travel etc..
Andrews DiariesAND21Articles of agreement between Madame Swete and Edmund Andrews re the Barton of Traine and Lands adjoining thereto lying in Modbury in the county of Devon, and Wadland in Ugborough. Traine Accounts, valuation of cattle on Traine and Higher Brownston. Receipt for the Silver flagon bequeathed to Modbury Parish Church by the Will of Adrian Swete 1 May 1716 (Probate 4th December 1733) (including Extract of Will). Traine Accounts - General - 1754 - 56
Andrews DiariesAND22Photocopy of Extract from John Andrews' Diary - 27th.
Audio TapesA01Tape of Bob Hingston - local postman on pony back
Audio TapesA0226/07/1976Concert "In Praise of Flowers" at St. George's Church, Modbury
also King's Carol festival 1974 + Modbury track 1 right and track 2 left.
Audio TapesA03Anthony Holborne. Short Airs - Both Grave and Light - (Including the Widows Mite)
Praetorius Consort -Ball
ChampernowneC01Lords of the Manor of Modbury. Lecture notes by Dr. G. Sheers.
ChampernowneC021. Extracts from Lease and release Arthur Champernowne Esq to Henry Legassick - Modbury House, Palm Cross Green.
2. Also extracts from deed in Box 11 Miss Pearse - Devon Record Office, Exeter.
3. Letter from Geoffrey Sheers to Ivy Davidson ref Champernowne family.
ChampernowneC03Champernowne / Gilbert
Katherine Champernowne
Otto Gilbert
Adrian Gilbert
Sir John Gilbert
Typescript (Ivy Davidson)
ChampernowneC04Champernowne / Raleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh son of Katherine, née Champernowne
Typescript by Ivy Davidson and notes.
Walter Raleigh typescript and notes by Ivy Davidson
ChampernowneC05Champernowne inc
Sir John 1457 -
John 1510 - 1541
Henry 1538 - 1570
Sir Philip 1479 - 1545
Katherine Champernowne
Joan (m Anthony Denny)
Sir Arthur
Elizabeth (m. William Cole)
Joan (m. Robert Gamage)
Frances (m. Philip Budockside)
Typed copy and notes made by Ivy Davidson.
Arthur, Vice Admiral of Devon . p.45 'The Tudor Age'
Sir Richard, Vice-Admiral p. 57 'The Seventeenth Century'
photocopies from unknown title.
ChampernowneC07Chateau de la Salle. Leaflet in French.
ChampernowneC08The Champernownes of Modbury - notes by Anne Scarratt and Ivy Davidson plus extra copies.
ChampernowneC091. Miss Champernowne's Notes on 'The Champernownes'.
2. Miss Champernowne's Notes on Katherine Astley (Kat Ashley)
ChampernowneC10The Champernowne Family. Records by James Frederic Williams Part J 1066 - 1545.
ChampernowneC11Champernowne Genealogical Chart drawn up by Anne Scarratt. Coat of Arms Illustration by Jean Sheers.
ChampernowneC12Extracts from documents concerning Modbury House.
ChampernowneC13The Champernownes of Modbury by Ivy Davidson
ChampernowneC14Sir Walter Raleigh (1554 - 1618) publication © Pitkin Pictorials 1978. Also 5 postcards of 16th and 17th century contemporary with Raleigh's period.
ChampernowneC15"The Champernowne Achievement" unpublished notes by Geoffrey Sheers.
ChampernowneC16Champernowne Family. Correspondence from Wendy Lawday concerning Champernowne Family dated 14.2.2001 and 24.5.2001 (Letters headed Joan/Jane Champernowne & daughters.
Church and PrioryCP01Publication by Jo James on Priory and notes re church.
Church and PrioryCP02Priory deed Transcriptions after 1325 from Eton College Blakiston Transcriptions from PRO (2 sets).
Church and PrioryCP03Some notes on the church and priory by Miss C.E. Champernowne.
Church and PrioryCP04I.P.Ms - Edward III Vol XI
Church and PrioryCP05Extracts from Mee's Cornwall
Church and PrioryCP06Eton College records - extracts 1434 - 1442 - 1464 - 1438.
Church and PrioryCP071. Booklet St. Mary's Atherington
2. Booklet ref Champernowne Tomb.
Church and PrioryCP08Eton College Collection
letter dated 23rd May 1984 from Patrick Strong. Advice on publication on Modbury Priory.
Letters from Eton College and Public Record Office re Priory 1970 - 1983.
Church and PrioryCP09St. Pierre-sur-Dives
Histoire (2 copies) also postcards. Guide to the Abbey pub. 1974
Church and PrioryCP10Wilmington Priory.
Church and PrioryCP11Cowick Priory. "In Search of Cowick" by Jean M. Awdas of Kingsbridge History Society.
Church and PrioryCP12Bells
Pamphlet on Church bells compiled by Leslie Hutchings - 2 copies
Inscriptions on the bells at Modbury 4 at 1621 and 1 at 1768.
16.7.1806 Copy of estimate for new casting of the bells of Modbury.
1806 The weights of Modbury old bells.
1806 Diameter and weight of the new bells at Modbury.
1806 Calculation of the force of the bells when hung.
1807 Plans for hanging the new bells at Modbury.
1807 Inscriptions on the new Bells in the Tower of Modbury Church.
1928 - 35 Modbury Church Belfry Fund List of Subscribers.
Church and PrioryCP13Re Vicar of Modbury, Henry Bagley (inducted 1633) and Constable(s), churchwardens and overseers. Note concerning the protestation (transcribed).
Church and PrioryCP14Modbury Priory Deed (photocopy).
and photocopy deed 1730.
Church and PrioryCP15Letters re Priory Miscellaneous 2 sets.
See Modbury Priory TDA 1999 November 1681.
Sprig was a prebendary of Crediton c.1450.
Church and PrioryCP16Priory - Writs and receipts 1429 - 1466.
Church and PrioryCP17List of Vicars of Modbury c. 1250 - 1987.
Church and PrioryCP18Payment of the Vicareal Tithe Rent Charge by Mr. Solomon Tozer deed 1904 -1905 and payment of the Tithe Rent Charge to Eton College 1904.
Church and PrioryCP19Noel Blakiston and his family. Newspaper cuttings form The Observer 21.9.86. Noel Blakiston transcribed the Modbury Priory Charters.
Church and PrioryCP20Mr. Cranch's letter re Modbury Priory.
Church and PrioryCP21Nonconformity
Local: Modbury / Kingsbridge.
Essay by Nancy Savery
Church and PrioryCP22The Church at Domesday from Domesday Essays ed. Christopher Holdsworth.
Church and PrioryCP23Church accounts of the Wardens of the Church Fraternities 1504-5 1542-1548
Church and PrioryCP24Letters concerning the analysis of the church registers by the Reverend Hutchings - from Wrigley and Schofield. Working notebook re above.
Church and PrioryCP25List of Church registers.
Church and PrioryCP26Copy of bill sent to Churchwardens for work on the church 1857.
Church and PrioryCP275 copies of the church magazine May 1955 - September 1955. Vol 1, Nos. 4 and 5, April/May 1902 (2 magazine covers).
Church and PrioryCP2819th Century Church Restoration.
2 copies Vestry meeting minutes May 1858 Modbury, and of
Modbury Church Restoration and Improvement Fund: subscription list.
Modbury Church Restoration Subscription List (1859).
Account for Modbury Church Window Restoration Fund (1895-1896).
Remarks on the Specification Modbury Church Restoration (undated).
Letter from Mr. Pulliblank (1859) re Church Restoration.
Letter to Mr. Pulliblank from the Churchwardens (1859)
Plan of seating.
Mr. Hayward's Plans - 1846.
Circular re Mr. Hayward's Plans 1848.
Draft specification - Church works October 30 1858.
Church and PrioryCP29Churchwarden's Account 1689.
Church and PrioryCP30Churchwarden's Account 1581 (?)
Church and PrioryCP31Subscriptions for the enlargement of the Churchyard bought from Eton College 1849 (?) (North of the Church a narrow piece of land).
Churchyard wall gates and other accounts 1845.
Estimate (original) for churchyard enlargement.
Account for the work to the churchyard 1846
Empty folder re headstone inscriptions with letters/numbers inside.
Church and PrioryCP32Churchwarden accounts 1845 - 1880.
Church and PrioryCP33History of Modbury Baptist Church 1791.
Church and PrioryCP34Plan of St. George's Church traced 1970 from a measured drawing by S. Clapham.
Church and PrioryCP35G.W. Copeland.
Notes on the Church of St. George, Modbury. (3 typed sheets) quarto
1 sheet foolscap ? Copeland (2 copies).
Church and PrioryCP36Charities
1. Statements of Accounts of Andrew's Charity 1893-1899 (1895 missing)
2. Vicar of Modbury Charity Accounts January 1908 - August 1909.
3. Notice to Trustees of Parochial Charities March 1896.
Church and PrioryCP37Newspaper Cutting. St. George's Modbury 1985
Church and PrioryCP38Modbury Church Notes
Notes - typescript (2 sheets) dated 14.5.45
An extract from Modbury Parish Magazine January 1909. Notes on Modbury church.
6 sheets of typescript undated.
Letter re the above to Mr. Hutchings from W.S. Graf?)
Church and PrioryCP39Fabric of Church
1. Agreement for rough casting the tower of Modbury between the Churchwardens of Modbury and Mr. Richard Shepheard April 1820
2. Agreement re renting of land to site the church lighting plant 27.01.31.
3. Card relating to exhibition re church floor tiles. Tiles missing 19.04.01.
Church and PrioryCP40Copy of letter to Mr. Cranch - Modbury Priory - 4 sheets (supplied by Devon County Council 1976.
Church and PrioryCP41Trematon Castle
Typed Extract from The Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, Vol 2 by Sir John Maclean.
Church and PrioryCP42Priory Land Rentals.
Church and PrioryCP43Seals of the Bishops of Exeter
photocopied from Oliver's Lives of the Bishops of Exeter.
Church and PrioryCP44Brief History of Stokenham Church.
Church and PrioryCP45Extract from "Times" 7 January l982 Article re Wembury Church.
Church and PrioryCP46Traine AD1262
Typescript of a conveyance from the Abbot of St. Pierre sur Dive in Normandy to William de Arboribus of the Estate called Traine.
Church and PrioryCP47Harvest Home: Excerpts from "Memories of a Modbury Man" Rev. C.E. Green.
Church and PrioryCP48St. George's Church, Modbury Festival of Wedding dresses Flowers and Music.
Church and PrioryCP49Epitaph for Mrs. Leyborne, in Bath Abbey.
Church and PrioryCP50Tomb Canopies in the Transepts of Modbury Church. Report by Mr. J. Ashurst of English Heritage. 1985.
Church and PrioryCP51Catalogue of Documents relative to Modbury held in Eton College archives from P.R.O. (Kew)
Vol. 1
Rentals and surveys 138-178
Court Rolls 179-257
Receipts 271-306

(held in large handmade ring binder - green)
Church and PrioryCP52Account to Church Wardens from R. Boon 1846 re Viola, Violin, and Violoncello (sic).
Church and PrioryCP53List of Church Records held at County Hall, Exeter
Church and PrioryCP54Churchyard. Rules for the control of Modbury Churchyard.
Church and PrioryCP55Inscriptions and Monuments - Modbury Church. 2 Handwritten Sheets. A Hagioscope mentioned.
Church and PrioryCP56Modbury Church. Notes in typescript form thought to be compiled by Rev. Archibald Calder.
Church GuidesCG01Bigbury Church Guide
Church GuidesCG02Aston Rowant, Oxon Church Guide
Church GuidesCG03Bere Ferrers Church Guide
Church GuidesCG04Holbeton Church Guide
Church GuidesCG05Plympton St. Maurice Church Guide
Church GuidesCG06Ermington Church Guide
Church GuidesCG07St. Martin & St. Mary, Chudleigh Church Guide.
Church GuidesCG08Buckland Abbey publication by Crispin Gill, 3rd revised Edition (1968)
Church GuidesCG09Modbury Church Guide
Church GuidesCG10Plympton St. Mary Church Guide (transferred from CP13)
Colour SlidesCS01Country Houses - Box of 79.
Colour SlidesCS02Country Houses - Box of 6 including Forde Abbey
Colour SlidesCS03Streets Old and new
Individual Buildings old and new
Street Scene - Fair - General Views
Documents - Artefacts
Occupations - Craft - Transport
Activities W.I. Pantomime - Flower Show.
(contained in large plastic box).
Colour SlidesCS04Unidentified Colour Slides (Mostly)
Colour SlidesCS05Buckland Abbey - National Trust 8 Transparencies
Colour SlidesCS065 Views of Modbury
Colour SlidesCS07Country Houses - Box of 50 slides.
Colour SlidesCS08Champernowne Achievements 31 slides.
Colour SlidesCS09Commentary to accompany Mr. Baker's slide show. ? Where are slides. May connect with Modbury Track A2
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH01-021873 Post Office Directory of Modbury (2 pages)
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH03-12Kelly's Directory 1919 Entry for Modbury 10 sheets of typescript
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH13Place names of Ermington Hundred. (Edmeston, Shilston, Traine).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH14Roads
Sketch Map 19th century roads leading to Modbury
categories - still in use, abandoned, new
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH15Ordnance Survey - explanatory notes on the numbering of the county series 6 inch maps and 1/2500 scale plans.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH16Notes of investigating the "Collection of Tolls", Turnpike acts. Note re Modbury Barracks in Dark Lane, formerly Barrack Lane.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH17Railways.
The Yealmpton Branch
Coach link - Modbury to Yealmpton
GWR omnibus- Modbury to Yealmpton.
(Information set out in letter from T. Roche 1967).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH18-21Notes re the investigation into the Protestations of 1641 and 1642.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH22Modbury Barracks
Letter from Ministry of Defence (1967)
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH22aModbury Barracks
Parish Register entries re children of the Dragoon Guards (1805)
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH23Modbury Barracks
Research notes by Leslie Hutchings (1967).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH24Modbury Barracks
Letter from Godfrey Wycisk (Military Historian) (1967)
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH25Notes re Modbury Riots by John Andrews 1830 (Exeter Record Office)
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH26-27Letter from Elizabeth Jane Bulteel to Augustus …. re Modbury Riots 1830.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH28Entries in the Parish Magazine 1888
No of communicants (Easter) in Modbury and Brownston.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH29Entries in the Parish Magazine 1888
See also H24 Volunteer Church Parade, Modbury April 15th
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH30Illiteracy
Information taken from Modbury Marriage Registers
1754 - 1837
Research by the Rev. L. Hutchings et al.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH31Bellringers
An apology 1852, for indecorous conduct in the belfry.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH32Bells of Modbury Church.
Letter from Diocesan Record Office (1968).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH33Bells of Modbury Church.
Notes in typescript form with research by Leslie Hutchings.
Includes weights, inscriptions, historical accounts.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH34Bells of Modbury Church.
Notes in typescript form with research by Leslie Hutchings.
Includes weights, inscriptions, historical accounts.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH35Bells of Modbury Church.
Notes in typescript form with research by Leslie Hutchings.
Includes weights, inscriptions, historical accounts.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH36History of the Modbury Alien Priory (summary) from the Eton College Records.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH37History of the Modbury Alien Priory (summary) from the Eton College Records.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH38Copy of the Chantry certificate c. 1545
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH39Inns
a list of 19th century Inns - Modbury.
1822, 1850, 1860, 1862
compiled from Trade Directories.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH40Census population of Modbury 1801, 1841, 1851
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH41-43Woollen Cloth Trade
Methodists and other Nonconformists
Information from deeds
Woolcomber (1824) John Flashman
Yarnhay clothier - John Wakeham
Methodist meeting house
Baptists, Wesleyans, Society of Friends
Independent Chapel
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH44Miscellaneous Information
Alexander Hodge, 1662 Vicar of St. Thomas, Exeter. born Modbury
South Hams Yeomanry Cavalry disbanded 1828.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH45Conveyance (note)
Jane Wadland spinster to John Shepheard clothier.
Messuage and tenement courtilege and garden north side of Gallopin Street.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH46-54The Modbury Woollen Trade
Early notes from records
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH54aWoollen Cloth Trade Sergemakers - Modbury
Richard Collins
Jonathan Gest
Phillip Perring
Robert Wakeham
p 97 of The Devon Cloth Industry in 18th century. D & C Record Society (1978) ed Stanley Chapman.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH55Woollen Cloth Trade
Ashburton Refs
wool, combers, spinsters, yarn, weavers, worsted, tops, looms, tuckingmill, waterwheel, teasels, nap, cloth, sheep runs, running water, mill wheels.
Typed notes by L.B. Hutchings.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH56The Modbury Woollen Trade
Robert Horswell
Richard Putt.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH57Thomas Savery (Inventor)
inventions -
machine for polishing plate glass.
paddle wheels for boats
steam pump
link with Newcomen.
horsepower - as a unit of power.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH58, 58a, 58b-64Descriptions of Savery's Pumping Engine 1698, 1702, 1717, 1718, 1740.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH65-66Stationary Steam Engines
Science Museum Photographs
Motive power collections
including Savery Engine.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH671683 Will of Roger Efford of Modbury.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH68Lease from Arthur Prideaux to Pascho Legassicke. (Translation lent by Mr. Southwood) Modbury 1970).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH69Letter from Ordnance Survey (Archaeology Division) Southampton to Rev L.B. Hutchings dated 24.3.1970 ref enquiry regarding various publications "The Priory", "Court House" and "Hospital".
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH7017/04/1970Leper Hospital Modbury
Letter from Devon Record Office.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH7117/04/1970Leper Hospital Modbury
Letter from Plymouth Public Library.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH7222/04/1970Leper Hospital Modbury
Letter from University of Exeter to Revd L.B. Hutchings.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH73-75Letter from Ordnance Survey (Archaeology Division) re various antiquities at Modbury and list, I.e. The Priory, Court House and Hospital.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH76-80Letters from the Ordnance Survey re sites of the Priory and Leper Hospital.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH81Modbury Priory
Notes made by Frank Brown from Oliver, ref TDA vol XXX.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH82-91Modbury Polling District list of persons entitled to vote December 1886 - January 1888.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH92The History of Modbury Methodist Church 1835-1935.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH93Copy of Map connected with 1825 road improvements between Modbury and Aveton Gifford.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH94-96Savery Engine
Letter about Captain Savery's Engine for throwing up water by force of fire sent from Grays Inn by Mr. Thornhill. Bodleian Library MS Ballard fo.125.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH9723/10/1971Parish Registers
Analysis of State of Progress.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH98Early references to Edmeston culled from "Place names of Devon" by J.E.G. Gover.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH99-100Notes drawn up by Mrs Will Rogers re the Andrews family 1700-1986.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH101-1091642. The attack on Modbury in the Civil War.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH110Remarkable passages newly received re the great overthrow of Sir Ralph Hopton and his Forces at Modbury. (Photocopy of a booklet).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH111The 1642 Protestation List Ermington Hundred. Photocopy of Original Handwritten copy plus typed transcription.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH112Modbury Bellringers / Vicar
Article in "The Ringing World" December 24/31 1976 (p.1079) beaded "Ringing Controversies: the clergy versus the Ringers" by William Butler.
Paragraph in column 2 regarding the Rev. G.C. Green and the Modbury bellringers in 1885.
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH113-120Extracts from journals 1624-1712 of the Swete family of "Traine" Modbury made by John Andrews, solicitor of Modbury in 1790. (Typed copy).
Documents acquired by Rev L HutchingsH121Modbury Local History Society balance sheet for 1980-81
Documents acquired by Robert PimP01-05Ancient Highways of Devon from G.B. Grundy - Archaeological Journal Volume 98-9
Documents acquired by Robert PimP06Spink & Son Ltd. Table of present day equivalents of £1 sterling in past ages.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP07An attempt at the history of Modbury, manuscript.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP08Grant by John Fortescue to William Champernowne dated 1404 reference Combe, Shipham, Niddercombe etc.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP09-25The Savery Family of Devon
Copy of a manuscript by John Savery of Shilston and Butcombe Court near Bristol.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP26, 27Copy of Modbury Documents re Anthony Rowse and family dated 1601.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP28, 29, 30Modbury notes ref draper called Gee in Church street. Friday Fields, Modbury Priory (Crispin Gill) Wars of the Roses etc.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP31, 32Notes from L.W. McGuiggion of Moonsmead, Church Street, Modbury 12 October 1967, re booklet by George Andrews Cawse 1860 and quotation from Oliver Cromwell 1860 etc.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP33St. Budeaux - a rate for raising money on houses and windows 1715
Documents acquired by Robert PimP34, 35Miscellaneous anecdotes memorandums relative to the county of Devon 1790
Documents acquired by Robert PimP36, 37Directory of Schools 1850 to 1857
Documents acquired by Robert PimP38-40Modbury School Log. Extracts (1871 - 1916) hand copied by Edith Irish
Documents acquired by Robert PimP41-43Extract from "Kingsbridge and its Surroundings" by S.P. Fox published 1874.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP44-46Froudes and Edmeston
Family tree of Froudes. History of ownership of Edmeston.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP47Modbury Charity School.
Entry in Lysons History of Devonshire 1822 re Charity School 1731.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP48, 49Notes re Rev. G.C. Green 1928.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP50-52from Trackway to Turnpike by Sheldon 1928. Entries in typescript form. (5 sheets).
Documents acquired by Robert PimP53Modbury Water Works, memoir ref borough funds.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP54John Andrews' Diary
Handwritten extracts 1788, 1792.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP55-56Draft of lease of The Church House from John Bulteel Esq. 1790
Documents acquired by Robert PimP57-58Borough Bounds - Modbury. A view (I.e. description) 1803
Documents acquired by Robert PimP59Barracks at Modbury. Research notes by Leslie Hutchings. 1967.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP60Woollen Trade. Note, incidental.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP61Modbury Benevolent Society rules, formed in 1813.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP62, 63Extract from "History of Devonshire" by R.N. Worth - "Modbury"
Documents acquired by Robert PimP64Population figures 1821. Taken from a return to the magistrates.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP651830 ref Mr. George Pearse - Modbury's first school master.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP66-70J.F. Williams notes from his notebook about Modbury, includes sketch map of north side of churchyard.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP71-74Description of Queen Victoria's Jubilee Day.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP75-84Extract from Kelly's Directory of Devonshire - Modbury 1919 includes list of tradesmen and farmers.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP85History of Modbury. List of books of reference.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP86List of special buildings Bigbury, Kingston, Modbury, Ringmore, Bantham, Spring 1967
Documents acquired by Robert PimP87Letter to Robert Pim from an address in Herbert Road, Salcombe ref Lloyds Register of Shipping.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP88-95Marldon Recordings 8 July 1957 notes re history of Marldon.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP9625/02/1950Letter from W.G. Hoskins Exeter Address, to the Vicar ref identification of the Domesday Manors.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP96aNotes re the history of Fowelscombe.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP97-111Extracts and minutes from the parish book of Modbury - churchwardens accounts commencing 1622.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP112Extracts of Borough Accounts 1702 -1843.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP115-12119/10/1968Letter from Eddie Pullen with a copy of a list of burials from 1700, also baptisms, marriages, various names, mainly Perring, Legassicke, Langworthy.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP122Modbury Workhouse. Copy of sale notice 1839. Sale by auction at the Exeter Inn.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP123-126Transport - Bridges, roads, railway. Quarter sessions correspondence to Rev. N. Oxenham 1848. mentions Sakers Bridge.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP127Apology from Bellringers to the clergy, churchwardens and parishioners of Modbury reference disorderly conduct in the Belfry.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP128-134Notes from Churchwardens accounts in Modbury 1695, 1716, 1793-96.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP135Churchyard. Inscription on a headstone for Emily an infant.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP136-141Names, Christian
Survey by Leslie Hutchings
"Christian Names of the Past"
Documents acquired by Robert PimP141aChristian names 1880-1885 - Notes by Jane Savery
Documents acquired by Robert PimP141b-145Letter addressed to Mr. Cross 12 July 1980 from Mrs. Helen M. Allen plus copies of two documents "Michaelmas 1647, also Trin VII George.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP146, 146aLetter from John Frende, Butcher of Ermington to Thomas Stoner.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP148Champernowne - Places associated with this family depicted on a map. Researched by Dr. G. Sheers.
Documents acquired by Robert PimP149A statement about metal detectors and archaeology.by South Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries.
EntertainmentE01John Andrews' Charity for National School, Brownston
Charity Commission approval No. 2488 82 d. 21.11.1882 of application re Hill's Andrews' for Education, Wriford and others dated 22.11.81 (2 copies)
EntertainmentE02Electoral Rolls
Parish of Modbury, Year 1853
EntertainmentE03Modbury Peace demonstration Programme undated 19th century.
EntertainmentE04Modbury Club - Rules 1923 2 copies.
EntertainmentE05Programme for Festival of Flowers Concert 1976.
EntertainmentE06White Hart Hotel. Assembly Room. Annual Social February 1924. Music - Competitions - Dancing.
EntertainmentE07Jubilee Celebrations Modbury 1977.
Families GeneralFG01Green Family
1. Letter from Tracey Hall-Green February 2001
2. Reply from Nancy Savery.
Families GeneralFG02Fice Family
Note re Fice - Millwright - Sheepham 1861 Water Wheel revised Family tree. Letter from John Fice February 1987.
Families GeneralFG03Edgcombe Family
1. Letter dated 1.9.83.
2. Family information.
3. Letter dated 8.5.92.
4. The will of Thomas Edgcombe, Aveton Gifford, who died 10.12.1813.
Families GeneralFG04Cowne Family
Letter from Jonathan Cowne 21.4.1981
Notes re family
Genealogical chart (2 sheets)
Families GeneralFG05Light Family
Family tree.
Families GeneralFG06Research on Bowey Family.
Families GeneralFG07Stetson. Various family papers. Map of the Colony of New Plymouth 1620 - 1650.
Families GeneralFG08Lavers/Toms families
Genealogical chart.
Families GeneralFG09Research on Lamson Family.
Families GeneralFG10Letter re Knowsley Family.
Families GeneralFG11Langler. Letter re this family from Arthur French, Ipplepen.
Families GeneralFG12Research into Coyte family.
Families GeneralFG13Letter ref Taylor family from Dr. Taylor.
Families GeneralFG14Roberts/Gest
1861 Abstract of Marriage Settlement of Lionel Roberts and Miss Ann Wise Gest
1861 Andrews - Gest - Attested copy of Disclaimer.
Families GeneralFG15Lakeman
1877 Abstract of Title of George Lakeman, dwelling house and premises Poundwell Street.
Families GeneralFG16Estate of Charles Cowles deceased.
1882 Mr. Benjamin W. Sparrow to Mr. Charles Ashley. Acknowledgement of right to production of Title, Deeds and Abstract of Title Mr. B.W. Sparrow Trustee of the Estate.
1. Charles Cowles dec'd re Mary Cross Field;
2. Charles Cowles dec'd Fields called Weeke;
3. Copy of Conditions of sale by auction re above fields;
4. Additional Abstract re Weeke Marshes;
5. Requisitions on Title re Weeke Marshes.
Families GeneralFG17The Langworthy Family Loddiswell Branch.
and Hatch Arundell (Carswell).
Families GeneralFG18House in Galloping Street
1. 1756 Release of house: George Bishop to Richard Bishop
2. 1793 Sale of house Richard Bishop to William Langworthy
3. 1793 Indenture: Ditto
4. 1819 Calling in of Mortgage: Robert Horswell et al to Servington Savery.
(Documents in Deeds Box)
Families GeneralFG19aDocuments filed in Deeds Box
1618 Conveyance Johane Harvey to Wm. Harvey 3 dwellings Pound Street Modbury.
1713 Copy of McArthur'Hayman's Will/Probate
1718 Robert Shepheard from Sampson Harvey
1736 Sampson Harvey grant of lease Robert Harvey
1741 Indenture between Elizabeth Harris and Daniel Ryder periwigmaker
1742 Assignment of Daniel Ryder - Elizabeth Harris House in Church Street to Hugh Harris.
1748 Hon John Selwy and others to George Bishop
1750/1748 James Legassike's counterpart to John Swete for hall nr Poundwell in reversion of Mrs. Avent.
1754 Robert Hayman to Robert Neale. Attested copy of a lease for a year
1756 George Bishop - Richard Bishop - lease for year
1760 Robert Hayman - Sarah Luscombe lease for year
1768 Mrs. Luscombe to Thos. Light - lease for year of messuage and dwelling house - Borough of Modbury (Church street and mention of old walls) + release ..
1780 Wm J. Rendel - Robert Giles lease for year and release of reversion in fee of Weymouth House and garden - Borough of Modbury.
Families GeneralFG19b1785 Geo Britton (surgeon) - John Andrews Feoffment in fee of Several houses etc in Gallopin Street.
1790 Barth Dunsterville and Phil Leigh to Mrs. Ann Mainprise - Land called Peters Park left by will of Elizabeth Ryder.
1791 Manor of Flete - Dwelling House,Stables, Garden lease for 99 years John Bulteel - Ann Mainprise.
1793 Richard Bishop and Mary Austin to Robert Horswell - lease for year north east side Gallopin St. 2 release
1796 Rev.M. Swete - Mr. Thos Ponsford lease of house Brownston street for 3 lives.
Families GeneralFG20Documents filed in Deeds Box
Documents relating to the Mortimer Family 1875 + including a deed for a house and garden in Galpin Street. John Mortimer was a mason.
Families GeneralFG21House in Church Street on south side called Old House or Old Walls
1760 Indenture of 4 parts; John Beavill on E. Nicholas Avent on W. Roger Phillips.
(Document in Deed Box)
Families GeneralFG22House and Bakehouse in Poundwell Street.
1. 1780 Power of Attorney: Wm Intsham Rendel to sell house and bakehouse to Robert Giles.
2. 1788, lease for a year of house and bakehouse: Robert Giles to William Giles.
3. 1788, conveyance of house and bakehouse: ditto.

(Documents in Deeds Box)
Families GeneralFG23Mrs. Elizabeth Ryder, deceased
1790 Conveyance and Assignment of the Real and Personal Estates of the late Mrs Elizabeth Ryder re Peters Park to Mrs. Ann Mainprize.

(Document in deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG241. West of England Insurance Accounts
Agent Wm Prideaux 29.4.17
George Prideaux 1819 - 28+
People named Thos. Ford 17 -
John Kerswell 1819-28
2. IOU by Thos Ford to John Kerswell of Revelstoke 1817. NB The mark of Thos. Ford of Modbury.
Families GeneralFG25Oxton Family
Notes made by Mrs. Ivy Davidson. 5 handwritten sheets.
Typed extracts from Calendar of Inquisitions Misc. Temp Henry III and Edward I.
Families GeneralFG26Ivy Davidson's notes on Fortescue family. Family tree from visitations of County of Devon.
Families GeneralFG27Prideaux Family.
1. Extract of unknown book
2. Extract from Weekend Telegraph 8.08.87 re Prideaux Place.
3. Extract (2) of unknown book.
4. Pedigree of Prideaux of Prideaux Castle and Orcheton.
5. Prideaux Family from unknown book
6. Prideaux family tree by unknown.
7. History of Trigg Minor extract re Prideaux family.
Families GeneralFG28Flashman letter from George Flashman 28.9.93 to Ivy Davidson.
Families GeneralFG29The Legassick Family
Families GeneralFG30Horswell Family. Document of Declaration of Edmund Horswell (1854) respecting the will of his late father.
Families GeneralFG31House in Pownwell Street.
1. 1804 Counterpart of lease. The Revd Swete to Samuel Wakeham.
2. 1877, Sale of dwelling house: George Lakeman to John Ferris.
3. 1877, mortgage on above property: John Ferris to Miss Leah E. Hodder.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG32Mrs Ann Mainprize (afterward Pentecost) deceased.
1809, conveyance and assignment of 2 houses in Church Street, Modbury, late belonging to Mrs. Ann Mainprize, deceased; Mr. John Avent and others to and in trust for Mr. Thomas Coyte.
(Document in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG33Rendell / Boon
Document concerning release of Dower (dated 13th May 1800) re a property in the Borough.
Families GeneralFG34Re: Deeds etc listed below.
1. List of deeds (NB 1748 release of house, Halfmoon Inn, Church Street, not included)
2. List of people mentioned in which deeds:
(a) FG18 House in Gallopin Street (4 documents).
(b) FG21 House in Church Street on South side.
(c) FG22 House and Bakehouse in Poundwell Street (3 documents)
(d) FG23 Mrs Elizabeth Ryder (deceased).
(e) FG31 House in Pownwell Street (3 documents);
(f) FG32 Mrs Ann Mainprize (deceased).
Families GeneralFG35Local Families
1. Accounts of winding up of Estate of Mrs. Jane Mortimore.

2.1 Legassicke Crispin.
2.2 John/ William Savery: Nicholas Tripe: Servington Savery.
2.3 George Legassicke: George Rhodes.
2.4 Cypran Pearce: John Henry Bridgman.
2.5 Henry Gerais/
Other names mentioned in above.
Families GeneralFG36Early history of the Prideaux family according to the Parochial Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor(Sir J. Maclean).
Families GeneralFG371771 Wm Langworthy's Bottle (Letter)
Families GeneralFG381859 Apprenticeship
Edwin Toms to John Watts Cove. Modbury shoemaker and Cordwainer
Families GeneralFG39Letter from Bob Roberts to Ivy Davidson 1982 referring to a grant in 1408 to a Stephen Modbury of land etc. in Kingswear.
Families GeneralFG40House in Church Street.
1. 1800 lease for a year: Mr. Thos Light to Mr. Phil Light.
2. 1800, conveyance in fee Mr. Thos Light to Mr. Phil Light.
3. 1800, Attested copy of above.
4. 1810, Further charge upon premises in Modbury and appointment of overplus and money to be raised by sale under former deed, Mr. Philip Light to Mr. George Lakeman.
5. 1811 lease for a year: Mr. George Lakeman and Mr. Philip Light to Mr. J. Sanders.
6. 1811 Assignment and confirmation of premises ?2000 years, therein in trust to attend the fee; Mr. George Lakeman and Philip Light to Mr. A.S. Lakeman.
7. 1811 Conveyance in fee of lands in Church Street; Mr. Philip Light to a trustee of Mr. George Lakeman.

(Documents in deeds box).
Families GeneralFG41House in Poundwell Street
1. 1800 Conveyance in fee of a dwelling House and Herb Garden: Mr. Wm Giles to and in trust for Mr. John Boon Jr.
2. 1803, lease for a year Mr. Mayour to Mr. Thos Collings.
3. 1803, As above, conveyance in fee of a house and garden
4. 1803, conveyance in fee of a house and garden, Mr. Mayour to Mr. Thos Ford.
5. 1817, demise of a house and garden etc, for 1000 years for securing £500 and interest with a power of sale: Mr. Thos Ford to Mr. John Kerswill.
5a. 1829, Assignment of Mortgage for £55 with power of sale: Mr. Thos Ford and others to Mr. Nicholas Wyatt, trustee of the New Union Society.
6. 1834 lease for a year: Mr. Thos Collins to Mr. John Mortimer.
7. 1834, conveyance in fee of a dwelling house and garden: Mr. Thos Collins to Mr. John Mortimer.
8. 1834 Demise of house and garden in Modbury, Devon for 100 years to secure £100 interest and any further sum not exceeding £100. John Mortimer to Mr. Luke Pearse.
9. 1838, lease for a year: Wm Winter and John Salmon to Mr. John Mortimer.
10. 1856, conveyance in fee of messuage and dwelling house: Mr. John Boon and others to Mr. John Mortimer.
(Documents in deeds box).
Families GeneralFG42House in Poundwell Street
1. 1804 lease for three lives of a house and garden: Rev Mr. Swete to Mr. Sam Wakeham.
2. 1813 Bargain and sale for a year: The Rev John Swete and John Beaumont Swete to Mr. Geo Lakeman.
3. 1813 Release in fee of dwelling house etc. The Rev John and John Beaumont Swete to Mr. Geo. Lakeman.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG43Dwelling House in Church Street.
1. 1809 lease for a year of a dwelling in Church Street, Modbury, late belonging to Mrs. Mainprise after Pentecost deceased; Mr. John Avent and others to Mr. Edward Andrews (Trustee for Mr. Thos Coyte).
2. 1810 2 copies of an agreement
3. Mainprize/Ryder.
4. 1819, No. 1 abstract of Title in Church Street, two houses, one leasehold and one freehold.
5. 1819 Bargain and sale of dwelling house in Church Street: Mr. Thos Coyte to Mr. J. Gest Jnr.
6. 1819, Release in fee and appointment of a dwelling house, walled garden etc. Church Street; Mr. Thos Coyte (Butcher) to Mr. Jas Gest Jnr. (Surgeon).
7. 1840 Conveyance in fee of dwelling house and premises in Church Street in reversion of subsisting leases; Mr. John C. Bulteel to Jas Gest.
(Documents in Deed box)
Families GeneralFG44House in Gallopin Street.
1819 lease for a year: Mr. Robert Horswell to Mr. Servington Savery. (Documents in deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG45House in Brownston Street
1. 1822 Bargain of sale for a year: John B. Swete Esq to James Ponsford.
2. 1822, conveyance in fee of dwelling house in Modbury (Brownston Street): John B. Swete Esq to James Ponsford.
3. 1861 Conveyance in fee of a dwelling house and premises in Brownston Street James Ponsford to Wm Luscombe.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG46Laver's and Ryder's Tenements
1. 1823 Release in fee of Laver's and Ryder's Tenements: The Assignees and Mortgagees to Mr. Christopher Savery and the said Mr. Savery to Mr. Geo Lakeman.
2. 1852, conveyance in fee of tenement called Laver's and Ryder's and dwelling houses and premises: messrs Philip and George Lakeman to a trustee to the use of Mr. George Lakeman, in pursuance of an agreement for partition of their father's real property devised to them by his will as tenants in common.
3. 1882 conveyance in fee on sale of tenement called Laver's Tenement (Shilston Brook): Mr. George Lakeman to Mr. Harry Brooking. (Names of three fields; I.e. Laver's Meadow, Laver's outside field and Laver's (Ref. Nos 625,626 and 644).
4. 1885, fee on sale of Laver's Tenement: Mr. H. Brooking to Mr. N. Lakeman.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG47Houses in Galpin Street.
1. 1828, lease for a year: Mr. B. Kennaway and others to Mr. Charles Andrews.
2. 1828 Conveyance of houses in Galpin Street: Mr. B. Kennaway to Mr. Charles Andrews.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG48Land in Galpin Street
1839 Appointment in fee of a piece of land in Galpin Street: Mr. Richard Cole to Mr. John Andrews
(Document in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG49Property at Furzeham Common, Brixham.
1871 Mortgage of 2 freehold dwelling houses, orchard and premises and freehold garden on Furzeham Common, Brixham: J.W. Willing to Mr. Henry Searle.
(Document in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG50Week Marshes
1882 Conveyance in fee of sale of 2 closes of land called Week Marshes: Mr. Benjamin Charles Sparrow to Mr. Charles Ashley (lower field 623, Higher Field 649)
(Document in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG51Mary Cross Field
1. 1882 Conveyance of a close called Mary Cross Field: Mr. W. Sparrow to Mr. W.H. Boon (Builder).
2. 1889 Conveyance in fee of a field called Mary Cross Field: Mr. Harry Boon to Nicholas Lakeman.
(Documents in Deeds Box).
Families GeneralFG52Deeds etc. listed below
1. List of deeds
2. List of people mentioned in which deeds:
a. FG40, House in Church street (7 documents)
b. FG41, House in Poundwell street (11 documents).
c. FG42, House in Poundwell Street (3 documents).
d. FG43, Dwelling house in Church Street (5 documents).
e. FG44, house in Gallopin Street (1 document).
f. FG45, House in Brownston street (3 documents)
g. FG46, Lavery's and Ryder's Tenements (4 documents)
h. FG47, house in Galpin Street (2 documents).
i. FG48, land in Galpin Street ( 1 document).
j. FG49, property at Furzeham Common, Brixham (1 document).
k. FG50 Week Marshes (1 document)
l. FG51, Mary Cross Field (1 document)
Families GeneralFG53The Will of John Boon.
1. The Maltsters Arms, Modbury public house, to his son John Boon.
2. £5 p.a. to his sister Sarah Hosking or her descendants.
3. £50 and a silver spoon to his second son William.
4. Dwelling house and land in Pownwell Street to his daughter Elizabeth Scoble. If she dies childless to be divided equally between her brothers and sisters if alive or to their descendants.
Families GeneralFG54Legacy receipt from the estate of John Hodder.
6/9 duty paid. Recd John Hodder Pearse Legacy £32.2s.10d.
Families GeneralFG55The Will of William Shepheard 1615 - clothyer of Modbury (Part of will).
Families GeneralFG56Holdsworth/Newman. Details of silver porringer given by Jeane Frigate in 1672 as christening present.
Families GeneralFG57The Little Grey House (22 Brownston Street, Modbury)
Summary of deeds relating to the above property, held by Mary-Rose Rogers, personally, at the above address:
1687 (2 deeds), 1703, 1704, 1711, 1729, 1729 (October), 1739, 1748, 1749 (2 deeds), 1755, 1767, 1773, 1796 (2 deeds), 1848, 1875.
Froude - Southmead - Langworthy - Andrews - Rogers.
Families GeneralFG58Tollock/Tollick/Tullock
Genealogical chart and notes on the family (provided by Kenneth Wilson) June 2001.
Links with Modbury.
Families GeneralFG59Stetson Records published by Stetson Kindred of America, Inc.
Filing CabinetFC1Baptisms 1665 - 1741 (A - S)
Filing CabinetFC2Baptisms 1601 - 1665 (A - S)
Filing CabinetFC3Baptisms 1665 - 1741 (A - S)
Filing CabinetFC3Baptisms 1665 - 1741 (T - Z)
Filing CabinetFC3Baptisms 1741 - 1792 (A - Z)
Filing CabinetFC3Baptisms 1793 - 1812 (A - Z)
Filing CabinetFC3Baptisms 1813 - 1839 (A - Z)
Filing CabinetFC3Kingston and Ringmore entries of Modbury people.
Modbury People in Ermington Registers Baptisms to 1820 Marriages to 1812.
Filing CabinetFC4Marriages - 1601 - 34
(Females First)
Marriages 1601 - 34
(Males First)
Marriages 1634 - 1665
Males First
Females First
Marriages 1666-1741
Females First
Males First
Marriages 1742 - 1792
Females First
Males First 1742-1792
Females First 1792 - 1837
Males First 1792 - 1837
Filing CabinetFC4Miscellaneous contracts of Marriages 1653 - 1657.
Filing CabinetFC5Burials 1601 - 1740 (Bundled by surnames in alphabetical order) Also
1741 - 1760
A - K L - Y

1760 - 1780
A - K L - Z

1781 - 1792
A - M O - Y

1793 - 1812
A - K L - Z

1813 - 1820
A - Z

1821 - 1843
A - F G - M
N - S T - Z

1843 - 1857
A - J K - Y
Filing CabinetFC6Further work done on parish registers inc. population statistics (campop) and attempts at family reconstruction (including letter from Cdr Fryer 1.12.1980)
History Society AdministrationHS01Minutes 20 January 1972 + 12 April 2000.
History Society AdministrationHS02Modbury - Our Inheritance
Letter from Leslie Hutchings dated 21.8.81 regarding discrepancies in above named publication.
South Hams District Council letter regarding buildings of architectural interest.
History Society AdministrationHS03Archives handed by Ivy Davidson to Mary-Rose Rogers.
History Society AdministrationHS04Printing Estimates
Hitchings and Mason Ltd
Latimer Trend
History Society AdministrationHS05Local Studies 1967-8
1. A course of 12 University Extension Lectures by Robert Pim beginning October 12th 1967.
2. Letter arranging the above dated 27 September 1967.
3. Notes for tutors.
History Society AdministrationHS06Letter 1973 re Miss Pearse's Boxes.
History Society AdministrationHS07Population. Letter from Tony Wrigley dated 1 October 1981 re CAMPOP (Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure).
History Society AdministrationHS08The Buildings of England by Cherry and Pevsner
Letters from Bridget Cherry dated 5 November 1980 and 27 July 1981 re Modbury entry in the above title.
History Society AdministrationHS09Saxon Settlements
Letter from Mrs Valerie Belsey dated 21 June 1981 re a series of lectures on the above subject.
Letter to Nancy Savery from Mrs Beatrice Faulkner (nee Flashman) ref Purdy family (1995).
History Society AdministrationHS10Membership List for Modbury Local History Society c 1973.
History Society AdministrationHS11Minutes of Meetings 20 January 1972, 17 February 1972, 20 April 1972, 25 January 1973, 4 October 1973. Notice for Lectures at Cookworthy Museum (Early 1970s).
History Society AdministrationHS12Extra-Mural Studies University of Exeter in conjunction with Modbury Local History Society.
Studies in Parish History (Demographic)
Chaucer and the Medieval World
The Villagers and Townsmen of Medieval England
The Ideal woman in literature.
History Society AdministrationHS13Miss F. Pearse, Modbury historian letter from Dorothy? to Miss Edith Irish.
History Society AdministrationHS14Edith Irish Records
Summary of notebooks in the possession of Nancy Savery.
History Society AdministrationHS15History Society Receipts and Payments Account 1983, 1986, 1987.
History Society AdministrationHS16Accounts, Receipts and Statements of Modbury Local History Society 1970s.
History Society AdministrationHS17Miscellaneous correspondence etc. 1972 - 79
Letter to Mr. Fairhead 10 August 1993 from George Moss.
History Society AdministrationHS18Visits by Modbury Local History Society
Devonport Dockyard
Wiggins Teape Mill.
History Society AdministrationHS19Letter from Roger Robinson re various lectures 1989-91.
History Society AdministrationHS20Notes for Town Walk Guides.
History Society AdministrationHS21Arrangements for lectures
1. Mr. Horner - John Coytes Roman Artefacts.
2. Programme for 1994/5
3. Dr. Ray ICTIS
4. Jack Tanner's Shop (outfitter and tailor) lecture by Jack Tanner.
5. Dartmoor National Park Lecture List.
History Society AdministrationHS22Mitchelmore descendants
letters dated
10 February 1993 Mrs Edna Davey to Mrs Tapsell
20 February 1993 Reply enclosing "Modbury - Our Inheritance".
24 February 1993 - T- Y letter.
LakemanL01Conveyance of Ashridge and Pennylands among the Lakeman papers 1868. Contains field names.
LakemanL02Bargain and sale Mr. William Giles to Messrs Boon and Bond. Property in Modbury incl Common Oven and Bakehouse found among Lakeman papers.
LakemanL04Conveyance William Winter and others to Mr. John Mortimore: Dwelling House, garden and stable in Modbury - surrender of a term to merge and release of dower found among Lakeman papers
LakemanL05Release of house in Modbury consisting of 3 under rooms one entry or passage the chamber over the same and a little backside or garden in or on the N.E. side of Galpin Street. Previous owners … Treby and John Pearse deceased, 1748.
LakemanL03Found among Lakeman papers - Transfer mortgage - Henry Searle to Richard E. Bishop
LakemanL061807 found among Lakeman papers demise for 2000 years Dwelling house and malthouse Philip Light to George Lakeman.
Agreement of Sale 6 August 1772 Mr. Thomas Harris and others and/to Mrs Elizabeth Ryder.
LakemanL08Conveyance of a house in Modbury / Thomas Harris and others to Mrs. Elizabeth Ryder.
LakemanL09Lease for one year. Mrs Ryder to Mr. George Legassicke. House in Church Street, Modbury.
LakemanL10Mortgage and Freehold and Leasehold premises in Church Street, Modbury Mrs. Elizabeth Ryder to Mr. George Legassicke.
LakemanL11Copy of will of Mrs Elizabeth Ryder.
LakemanL12Lease for a year, Mr. Henry Legassicke and Mrs Ann Mainprise to Mr. John Avent. Property in Church Street, Modbury.
LakemanL13Mr. Henry Legassicke and Mrs. Ann Mainprise to Mr. John Avent. transfer etc. of 2 houses in Church Street.
LakemanL14Ann Mainprise to Walter Prideaux and William Ryder. Lease for a year - House in Church Street.
LakemanL15Ann Mainprise to Walter Prideaux and William Ryder. Release in Ffee of messuage etc. in or near Modbury, and assignment of household furniture etc. in trust, prior to a marriage.
LakemanL16Mrs Ann Pentecost's last will and testament.
LakemanL17Mr and Miss Mainprise to Henry Rivers esq. Deed of Covenant etc re house in Modbury.
LakemanL18Miss Mainprise to Mr. William Mainprise. Assignment of part of house in Church Street.
LakemanL19Mr. Thos Coyte to Mr. James Gest Junior Assignment of residue of term of house in Church Street.
LakemanL20James Bulteel Esq. to Mr. James Gest. Lease for 99 years re house in Church Street.
LakemanL211859. Supplemental abstract of title re house in Church Street. Messrs Thomas Quick and John Widdicombe (Trustees under marriage settlement of Mr. and Mrs (nee Gest) John Mudford Quicke)
LakemanL22The Leaman / Lakeman family tree etc.
LakemanL23Lakeman's Price List 1914-1915. N.F. Lakeman M.P.S. Red Book includes advertisements
Large PortfolioLP011803/4 Surveyors' Map, pre 1st Ordnance Survey Map of Modbury Road.
Large PortfolioLP02Modbury Institute copy of deed naming of Trustees / Directors and the Institution Land.
16th February 1881 deed of further properties adjoining the Institution
Large PortfolioLP03Population Graph 1601 - 1837 Modbury History Society
Large PortfolioLP04The Swete family crest
Large PortfolioLP05Conveyance of the Reversion in fee simple (expectant on the determination of the life estate of Mr. Robert Boon) of an in a dwelling house and premises situate in Brownston Street.
Mr. W. Winsor and Mr. James Davis
Consideration £55.
Large PortfolioLP06Last Will and Testament of Giles Willing died 12th March 1858. His widow died 6th January 1885. re 2 dwelling houses and appurtenances in Galpin Street.
Large PortfolioLP072 leases of the Church House Inn 03 April 1844 25 July 1780.
Large PortfolioLP08Will and Codicils of John Andrews.
Will 26 September 1866
Codicil 27 September (the first codicil) 18663 September 1867
6 February 1868
11 September 1868
1 December 1868
4 March 1869
13 August 1869
23 November 1869
28 January 1870
Large PortfolioLP09Photograph of a picture of Sir Christopher Savery, High Sherrif of Devon 1620 by Sir Anthony Van Dyke.
Large PortfolioLP10James I ? Traine Deed.
Large PortfolioLP11Notice of sale of lands.
1. Weeke Marshes
2. Mary Cross Pasture Field
3. Lease of Grass of (1)
Large PortfolioLP12Plan of Modbury Borough.
Large PortfolioLP13Insurance for Dwelling house on Poundwell Street £80 Furniture £20 (West of England Insurance Company), 1829/
Large PortfolioLP14The Sale particulars of the Flete Estate
Large PortfolioLP15Richard Bishop - copy of will
10 December 12 George III 1771
Large PortfolioLP16Copy of Mr. Rhodes article on converting the water into Modbury Towne.
Large PortfolioLP17Indenture re Oldaport and Cling messuages and farms between Anne Selby Lady Ashburton and Luke Pearse.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.01-06History of Traine and its families written by John Andrews.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.07Adrian Swete Sheriff of Devon. Letter to all Christian people Deputation of undersheriff 1724. Sealed with the Swete arms.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.08From Adrian Swete Sheriff of Devon. Document in Latin dated 1724 being deed of appointment. See also T2.9 companion document.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.09Adrian Swete, Sheriff of Devon. Deed of appointment 1724/5 relates to T2.8 labelled "rough translation".
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.10Letter from Adrian Swete dated 23 August 1745 to his aunt. Refers to plantation in Antigua / the Enemy and feeding and purchase of slaves. Writer was aged about 14.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.11Letter to Mr. Andrews Southampton signed Leonard Fryer.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.12Extracts from old memorandum books at Traine. Rentals and fees 1632 =
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.13Letter dated London from Adrian John Swete to his aunt, Mrs. Philippa Swete.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.14Mistress Phillipa Swete's legacies.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.15Letter from Mr. Leonard Fryer to Mr. Edmund Andrews written from London, re Kingston Estate. Estates at Bovey also mentioned.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.16Receipt for laths and nails to repair the chancel in "Modbury Worship house" dated 7th July 1819.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.17Cover of a frank by R. Hussey to Mr. Andrews of Traine
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.18Information re Totnes Bells.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.19Invoice of Iron bars 1692 July to Adrian Swete from Mr. Joseph Hingston and Mr. Peter Shepperd.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.20Mr. Birkinson's bond to Adrian Swete for part of trust money 1724.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.21John Andrews Notes on the computation of days relating to the birth of Christ.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.22Land Sale 1799 East Leigh Little Modbury a meadow, Dwelling house in Church Street, dwelling house in Galpin Street.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.23-26Letter to John Andrews from George Andrews September 1821.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.27Note to W.L.A. Rogers re diary of Edmund Andrews b 1700 d.1779. Great great grandfather of W.L.A. Rogers of Old Traine, Modbury.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.28Letter from J.H.T.and A. Smith to John Andrews esq.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.29, 30Writ to John Andrews ref Bulteel.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.31Bulteel Draft letters concerning Mr. Bulteel v Marling dated 21 November 1840 and 28 November 1840.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.32Bulteel, undated note re Marling's action.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.33Note from Elizabeth Bulteel.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.34-37Family tree Pedigree of the Swetes showing how Traine came to them.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.38, 39Swete, pedigree from 1489.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.4, 42Document showing the pedigree of the Swete family dated 1764.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.43Sketch pedigree - John Swete
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.44The Swete pedigree.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.45, 46Bills of Indictment 1724 when Adrian Swete was Sheriff.
Mainly concerned with TraineT2.47-53GW Copeland's notes on Old Traine copied by E.E. Irish.
Maps and DrawingsM3.01Map of Modbury including Swanbridge Mill
Maps and DrawingsM3.02OS Map SX 65 SW Ermington/Holbeton
Maps and DrawingsM3.03Loddiswell Blackdown Rings.
Maps and DrawingsM3.04Sketch Map of Modbury roads pre-1824, new 1824, new 1827, new 1836. Old roads retraced - an article by L.B. Hutchings 27.12.67
Maps and DrawingsM3.05Copy of map area of Modbury pre-turnpike roads circa 1827
Maps and DrawingsM3.06Drawings of Modbury by Jean Sheers.
Maps and DrawingsM3.07Map of the Parish of Modbury undated.
Maps and DrawingsM3.08Modbury Map - Produced by the Modbury Society 1997
Maps and DrawingsM3.09O.S. Map 1887 Trehele area of Modbury Parish.
Maps and DrawingsM3.10Champernowne Coat of Arms with quarterings.
Maps and DrawingsM3.111.1250 Street Plan of Modbury 2 copies.
Maps and DrawingsM3.12Proofs of "History of Modbury" and Church plan.
Maps and DrawingsM3.13Navigational Chart No. 1613. Eddystone Rocks - Berry Head.
Maps and DrawingsM3.14Plans for rebuilding Traine House. R. Andrews Esq.
Maps and DrawingsM3.15Proofs and negatives of "History of Modbury".
Maps and DrawingsM3.16Plan of Modbury Plan 3SX 6451 - 6551 Ordnance Survey.
Maps and DrawingsM3.172 Indentures and a typed script (see large portfolio - LP17) - Oldaport and Clyng
Maps and DrawingsM3.18Champernowne Coat of Arms (large detailed card)
Maps and DrawingsM3.19Scraperboard Aerial view of Modbury.
Maps and DrawingsM3.20Portfolio of
1. Map showing places associated with the Champernownes.
2. Family Tree - Jordan.
3. Descent of Lordship of Manor of Modbury Reginald de Valletort.
4. Original typescript and copy early muster roll - Modbury parish.
Maps and DrawingsM3.21Old photograph of Traine House North side garden and terrace and view down to the paddock.
Maps and DrawingsM3.22Article on South Hams Road 1760-1840 by Leslie Hutchings plus art work for sketch map.
Maps and DrawingsM3.23Modbury Lighting Area (1954)
shown on O.S. Maps
SX 6551
SX 6552
SX 6651
SX 6652
Maps and DrawingsM3.24Plan of Proposed Millennium Wildlife Garden (photocopy)
Maps and DrawingsM3.25Maps of Houndtor from "Three Deserted Medieval Settlements".
Maps and DrawingsM3.26Map of Alteration of the Boundaries of the Parishes of Ermington Ugborough and Modbury.
Notes from the Domesday Book re Modbury and on Freeholder Bordar/cottar/slaves/hides/virgate/ firling etc

Domesday Estates in Ermington Hundred grouped according to parishes, including Modbury.

Transcriptions from Domesday Modbury and other places plus population map and extract from Oliver's Monasticon re Penquit.
MiscellaneousM2.02Turnpike Act 1828 with c. 1900 map.
MiscellaneousM2.031. Muster Roll 1569 including map of Plymouth Sound c1540
2. Armada including fire beacons and map of Devon 1588.
3. Armour and notes 1573.
MiscellaneousM2.04Baker, Battie and Huxham Paper in T.D.A. 112 Dec 1980 pages 117-126 by Neville C Oswald T.D., M.D., F.R.C.P ( 3 copies)
Photos of portraits of George Baker, John Huxham and William Battie
Photo of title page of essay by George Baker.
MiscellaneousM2.05Runaway apprentices
MiscellaneousM2.06History of Modbury George Andrews Cawse London 1860. (See also Ringbinder)
MiscellaneousM2.07South Brent Horse Show. Photographs taken by/sent by Elizabeth Richards.
Newspaper cutting from Elizabeth Richards South Brent Pony Show.
South Brent - Notice calling in the mortgage by Mr. Weatherdin from Mr. and Miss Chauncey on a dwelling house and other property in South Brent.
MiscellaneousM2.08Elizabeth Richards photographs and correspondence
The Modbury Harriers
Also newspaper cuttings
Letter from Elizabeth Richards to Mrs. Savery 12 July 2000.
also Retirement of George Baskerville (letter dated 1991)
MiscellaneousM2.09Info re 12 Brownston Street, home of Ivy Davidson.
Sergeant for the Commons
House of Commons Library Doc. no. 13
The Royal Mace
House of Commons Library Doc. no. 18
plus letter from Tony Major 16 August 2000
MiscellaneousM2.11Cookworthy Museum
MiscellaneousM2.13Edgecombe Family
MiscellaneousM2.14Savery of Shilston
MiscellaneousM2.15Letter to Mr. Andrews from W.D. Pitman, Aveton Gifford.
MiscellaneousM2.16Post Office Directory, Modbury Entry 1873
MiscellaneousM2.171. Kelly's Director 1910
2. Kelly's Directory 1919 (2 copies)
3. Kelly's Directory 1939
MiscellaneousM2.18White's Directory
Modbury Entry 1850 (2 copies)
Modbury Entry 1878/9
MiscellaneousM2.19Report of Commissioners concerning Charities Vol 1. 1826
MiscellaneousM2.20Britton & Brayley (1803)
The Beauties of England and Wales
Modbury entry - hand copied (4 sheets) topographical account.
MiscellaneousM2.21Modbury outline development plan
1. Correspondence from Modbury Society 1973.
2. Correspondence from Devon County Council 1974.
3. Representations received 1971
4. Discussion document on development.
5. Modbury Chamber of Trade Report.
6. Outline Development plan - public comments
7. Comments - Modbury
8. Modbury Parish Council - suggested requirements.
MiscellaneousM2.22Protestation List 1641 for Modbury
MiscellaneousM2.23Lay subsidy Roll - various documents.
MiscellaneousM2.24Sewerage and disposal 1966
Sewerage and disposal 1969 x 2.
MiscellaneousM2.25Modbury Outline Development Plan
MiscellaneousM2.26Population Survey 1798
MiscellaneousM2.27Shute Family Tree
MiscellaneousM2.28Extracts from Modbury Accounts from Miss F. Pearse 1702-1893.
MiscellaneousM2.29Account of Modbury Court Leet and Customs, also of the Fulfilling and Pie poudre courts by Claude William Legassicke Crispin of Modbury.
MiscellaneousM2.30The hundred of Plympton in early times - Reeichel T.D.A. Supplement.
MiscellaneousM2.31Info re Modbury from late Florence Pearse and Frank Brown. Copied by E. Irish
MiscellaneousM2.32Aerial photo of Oldaport spur.
MiscellaneousM2.33Extract from Devon lay subsidy roll 1334.
MiscellaneousM2.34Deed re Palm Cross Green 1701 Transcribed by Nancy Savery.
MiscellaneousM2.35An account of the Modbury Court Leet - Frank Brown's copy 1922 copied by Edith Irish 1922.
Penquit Mill
Weir on Lud Brook
Ludbrook Mill
MiscellaneousM2.37Victorian Concert Programmes
Theatricals at Flete
1. Woburn Abbey etc. "Old Times and New Times" and "Progress of Vice" December 1846 (Daw, Printer, Modbury)
2. Wrest Theatricals Comedies and a farce (G. Cook, Printer, Ampthill)
3. Woburn Abbey Theatre Comedietta and French Comic Song 19.12.1851 (Dodd & Peeling, Printers, Woburn)
4. Woburn Abbey Theatre "Toads and Diamonds or The Drab Masquerade" 23.12.1851 (Dodd & Peeling, Printers, Woburn).
5. Woburn Abbey Theatre "A Musical Prologue" and "The Honeymoon" (Dodd & Peeling, Printers, Woburn). 27.12.1851
6. Concerts at Assembly Rooms, White Hart Hotel Modbury
Members of the Church choir 24.9.1861 and band of the 4th Devon Mounted Rifles vocal and instrumental music (G.Daw, Printer, Modbury).
7. Modbury Band and talented artistes vocal and instrumental music 30.3.1864 (G. Daw, Printer, Modbury).
8. Modbury Band and soloists Vocal and instrumental music 8.2.1865 (Daw, Printer, Modbury)
9. Concert at Mr. Davis's Hotel, Modbury, Modbury Church Choir, 1886 (report in the Totnes Times).
MiscellaneousM2.55Leaflet Heraldic Terminology.
MiscellaneousM2.38Cloth Trade
Pencil Notes on woollen cloth trade 18th and 19th century by Ivy Davidson, plus material for exhibition on woollen cloth trade including Perring Bank Note and information on Richard Perring's Holdings. See "The Woollen Industry" Shire Album on bookshelf.
MiscellaneousM2.39Stonor Papers - List of trades people.
Calendar changes. Notes by Jo James
"Recorded Time" Pamphlet on clocks and calendars, time and distance. ©Cornwall Record Office 1999.
MiscellaneousM2.41Christmas Preparations
Extract The Diary of a Farmer's Wife by Anne Hughes
contrasted with the Andrews Diaries
MiscellaneousM2.42Dovecotes in Modbury mentioned 1457 and 1479
MiscellaneousM2.43East India Company
Bibliography List
MiscellaneousM2.44Notes re reformers/charities (not specific to Modbury)
Letter from Arthur French regarding visit to Modbury by Jane Langler from Ipplepen (1859).
MiscellaneousM2.45a. Details of the Barracks and letter from S.H.D.C. 10.2.93
b. Note from Joscelyn Ponting re Peter Clear her gr.gr.gr.grandfather's accounts of 1795 mentioning Modbury Barracks.
A Bibliography list (inc Devon)
MiscellaneousM2.47War and Society 1300 - 1600 Article taken from the Book "Past and Present" (1962)
MiscellaneousM2.48The History of Dartmoor Prison (Also see M2 129)
MiscellaneousM2.49Maritime History - notes by Ivy Davidson
MiscellaneousM2.50Oligarchy - Ivy Davidson
MiscellaneousM2.51Civil War
Dr. Walker's "Sufferings of the clergy in the Diocese of Exeter"during the Great Rebellion (Plymouth 1908) ed. F.C. Hingeston Randolph.
Exeter in the Civil War
Devon Archaeology No. 6 by Mark Stoyle
Notes by Geoffrey Sheers from Rushworth's Historical Collections 1 hand-written, 1 typescript.
Rough notes on Civil War by Ivy Davidson

Modbury - The Civil War from Rushworths Historical Collections (1706) p. 601 vol 4.
MiscellaneousM2.52Ivy Davidson Lecture Notes
Notes on George Montagu
-Father of Devon Bird-watching
Basic plan of a camp
Government consultation and local committees
Trade in the South West
MiscellaneousM2.53Map of mills in South Hams.
MiscellaneousM2.54List of place names in the Ermington Hundred.
MiscellaneousM2.56Evolution of Cottage Hospital with particular reference to West Country.
MiscellaneousM2.57Extract from Devonshire Lay subsidy roll 1332 relating to Modbury and some adjoining parishes.
MiscellaneousM2.58The Battles of Modbury Dec 1642 February 1643 - 3 typed sheets
References drawn up by Mary Petter.
MiscellaneousM2.59Parish Boundary article from church magazine by Jo James.
MiscellaneousM2.60Finberg West Country Historical Studies 1969
MiscellaneousM2.61Book list for Norman and Medieval reading.
MiscellaneousM2.62Anglo Saxon Chronicle entry re Domesday survey 1085
MiscellaneousM2.63Letter from John Fice of Swindon. Fice Family tree. Frederick Fice, Uncle of Ermington John Fice great grandfather Baker, Palm Cross Green. Thomas Fice, Millwright Brownston Street. Thomas, Charles Fice in Brownston Street. c. 1905.
MiscellaneousM2.64Letter re the Ferris Family. Thomas Ferris, carpenter, of Modbury, died 1870. Son Thomas carpenter in London 1860. 1774 Grace Kerswell born 1750. Enquires re John Joll Church House Inn, Aveton Gifford until 1838. Ferris generations in Holbeton late 17th century.
MiscellaneousM2.65Enquiry re Edward Cowne. Baptised in Modbury 1692. Head clerk at the Royal Naval Office Progenitor of the London Cowne Line. Letter form Jonathan A. Cowne in acknowledgement.
MiscellaneousM2.66Modbury Local History Society survey of Modbury.
MiscellaneousM2.67Notification of Devon American Fortnight 1980.
MiscellaneousM2.681436 Brass of Thomas and Matilda Chaucer, St. Mary at Eweline Oxfordshire.
MiscellaneousM2.691920 - 62 Motor buses of Modbury A report compiled by Roger Grimley (May '01)
MiscellaneousM2.70Cookworthy papers 5 Old Kingsbridge Inns.
MiscellaneousM2.71Enquiry by Keith Perkins of Coventry re life of civil engineer James Meadows Rendell also Turnpike Roads, also John McAdam.
MiscellaneousM2.72West Devon Record Office. Contents of Accession 873
Institute/ Andrews/Mortimore/BostonHerald 1877/Modbury/Ivybridge 1890 March/Modbury: Cawse School Inspectors/ Press Cutting 1954 Study of Modbury and research notes by W. Baker. Photographs by W. Baker.
MiscellaneousM2.73The Wheelcraft Workshop Chudleigh.
MiscellaneousM2.74Notification of a professional genealogical research service in Exeter.
MiscellaneousM2.75Letter from Mr. Bowden Smith of Bigbury - Hon Sec newly formed Bigbury Local History Society. Mentioned: Father, Rector of Bigbury, Dr. Miles, Esther Reynolds, Percy May, Dr. Coker of Folly Hill, John Crimp, Geoffrey Savery
MiscellaneousM2.76Fardel Manor Chapel
MiscellaneousM2.77In and around Modbury 2000
MiscellaneousM2.7826/02/1954The Battle of Modbury South Devon Times
MiscellaneousM2.79Policing the Dockyard, newspaper 1972
MiscellaneousM2.8014/03/1914Portion of the Kingsbridge Journal.
MiscellaneousM2.81Post Box survey c. 1980 made by Modbury Guides.
MiscellaneousM2.82Great Orcheton and Oldaport

1. Extract form proceedings of the Devon Association.
Proceedings of Devon Archaeological exploration society No. 26 of 1968.
2. Architects plan of Oldaport 3 august 1970.
MiscellaneousM2.83Frederick Taylor's Account Book 1857
Fred Taylor Modbury August 10 1841 according to his naval records.
Letter re Taylor family.
MiscellaneousM2.84Notice of the sale of the Manors of Stowford alias East Hartford and other lands in the parishes of Harford and Ugborough belonging to John Williams Esq. of Stowford.
to be held at the Exeter Inn, Modbury 20th September - 18th century
MiscellaneousM2.85History of vaccination against smallpox 18th Century. Researched by Douglas Fryer Modbury and Kingston.
MiscellaneousM2.86Pedigree chart Symons Legassick Baron.
MiscellaneousM2.87Note re Miss Sarah Andrew of Modbury's portrait as Fielding's Sophia Weston 1725. 1726 Mrs Ambrose Rhodes.
MiscellaneousM2.88Cookworthy papers 6 Loddiswell
MiscellaneousM2.89Allotment system, Australia re purchase of land there.
MiscellaneousM2.90Tudor Fire Beacon on Beacon by the River Erme - also south of Modbury and Blackdown Rings, Loddiswell.
MiscellaneousM2.91History of Wembury from 1544.
MiscellaneousM2.92Copy of letter to William Burring from Dame Mary Crispin 1879
MiscellaneousM2.93Letter from Mr. Percy of Plymouth re sale of a very old minute book referring to the business of the council dated 1702. Some details given of Modbury life but "no book"
MiscellaneousM2.94Savery/Newcomen Engine
Notes re above made by H.M. Petter.
Leaflet published by Modbury Local History Society from notes by Cdr. Fryer.
MiscellaneousM2.95Messrs Perkins and Sons accounts 1945 - 1949.
MiscellaneousM2.96Royal Celebrations in Kingston, written by the Kingston History Society from 1713, the Peace of Utrecht, to 1977.
MiscellaneousM2.971837 Notice found in house in Brownston Street re soldiers marching from Modbury to Kingsbridge to quell a disturbance.
Mrs. William Bailey Modbury Lord Mayor
Mrs.Randle Baker
Mrs Cawse Coffin maker.
MiscellaneousM2.98Memories of Modbury after 1914-18 War with names of inhabitants in Brownston Street and Galpin Street, New Road, Back Street. Letters to Ivy Davidson late 20th Century.
MiscellaneousM2.99Letter re the Frowde family of Devonshire.
MiscellaneousM2.100Western Morning News article by Rev. L. Hutchings re Brownston October 1968, proposed Airport.
MiscellaneousM2.101Letters to Mr. John Andrews re roads Ermington to Ivybridge improvement from Major Hunt, Erme Bridge. April, October 1847.
MiscellaneousM2.102Note on Kingsbridge Turnpike Trust.
The Turnpike Act 1828
ref Kingsbridge to Dartmouth, Modbury, Salcombe, etc.
1852 Photocopy of Document concerning road improvements Totnes-Plymouth, Modbury-Plymouth.
MiscellaneousM2.103Industrial archaeology of Modbury and surrounding areas/Exeter University. Modbury Aveton Gifford, Ermington, Ludbrook, Lee Mill Ivybridge.
MiscellaneousM2.104Miss Pearse's boxes - local documents Z7 Collection DRO (original copy and notes)
MiscellaneousM2.105Miss Pearse's boxes - local documents Z7 Collection DRO (bound copy)
MiscellaneousM2.106The history of Totnes - notes - including nature spotters' notes.
MiscellaneousM2.107The history of Hatch Arundell. Loddiswell-Kingsbridge by Alan Saville
MiscellaneousM2.108Plan of a model of Leigh Grange, Churchstow.
MiscellaneousM2.10914/02/2001Travel around Modbury - talk by Roger Grimley to History Society.
MiscellaneousM2.110A History of Modbury. Original Drawings and galley proofs - all in large brown envelope.
MiscellaneousM2.111Accounts of the Borough Rent - c 1875. Mr. Henry King, Butcher - unpaid rent 1875 6/8
Mr. Edward Pearse, shoemaker 5/6
Extracts of Borough Accounts 1748 1767 1808
MiscellaneousM2.112Draft lease of New Mills. Mrs. Mary Crespin to Mr. Davis 1877.
MiscellaneousM2.113Spriddlescombe 1877,1902,1903.
MiscellaneousM2.114Modbury Parish Apprentices 5 sheets plus extract re poor rate from Marshall's rural economy (1796).
MiscellaneousM2.115Diptford Glebe Terrier 1679
MiscellaneousM2.116List of publications held by the Modbury Local History Society.
MiscellaneousM2.117Letter to James Bulteel of Flete from William Elliott of Modbury re lease of house in Modbury for 3 lives
MiscellaneousM2.119Pottery and leadshot, local pottery. List of sherds found on Modbury Sports Field site. Note re fragments found on Wakeham's Close building site.
Lead shot found in field near Runaway Lane 1994
St. Kitts & Nevis Sugar Estates West Indies
1633 - 34 Lavers Family emigrated to St. Kitts
Antigua (Swete family inter alia)
MiscellaneousM2.121List of words out of circulation drawn up by Miss Irish in early 1970s
MiscellaneousM2.122Leases of various properties in Aveton Gifford, Kingston and Ringmore 1667-1887 extracted from Devon Record Office.
MiscellaneousM2.123Countryside Law Parliamentary Dept circa 1970
MiscellaneousM2.124Typescript of a booklet "Modbury" by George Andrews Cawse.
MiscellaneousM2.125The Lords of Stokenham W.A. Roberts.
MiscellaneousM2.126Booklet Treasures of the Armada.
MiscellaneousM2.127Notes for Modbury Town Walk - two different copies. Notes for Town Walk Guides, Route for Town Walk. Public rights of way - Modbury Leaflet. Town Walk leaflet - pub by Gilprint, Kingsbridge pre 1979. Revised version of Town Walk leaflet pub 2000.
1. Charter of King Aethelwulf - H.M. Petter
2. Kingston Defended - H.M. Petter
MiscellaneousM2.129Dartmoor Prison History. Presented by Trevor James after the talk on the prison 10.3.99. Also see M2.78
MiscellaneousM2.130Archaeological sites of Devon and Cornwall. T. Clare 1982
MiscellaneousM2.131List of casualties of two world wars recorded on Modbury War Memorial.
MiscellaneousM2.132Memories of the 1939-45 war
1. Battle of Britain booklet August - October 1940
2. RAF recruitment card 1941 May 28
3. Notes of information given by Modbury inhabitants/
4. Account of Village life 1940-42 in a small Devon Village.
MiscellaneousM2.133Ermington Battalion South Devon Volunteers 1803 - 1813. Officers list. Pay list and return. Most of the names are from Modbury. This research initiated by Derrick West finding a uniform button in his garden in Brownstone Street and Phil Andrews identified its provenance and researched the enclosed.
MiscellaneousM2.134Modbury Website.
MiscellaneousM2.135Australian Connections
Robert Symons Kelly born in Modbury emigrated 9 February 1839, married Elizabeth Wakeham born in St. Budeaux.
built 2 storey hotel - named The Modbury Hotel in the village of Modbury Australia.

Three present day photographs. Other familiar names and families.
MiscellaneousM2.136Three Devon Families "Old Devon" by W.G. Hoskins Chapter 6
Cholwich - Cornwood.
MiscellaneousM2.137Booklist re Modbury and South Hams.
MiscellaneousM2.138Notes by Jo James for history map (parish map) to be compiled by the Modbury Society.
MiscellaneousM2.139Book list re conservation etc of buildings and materials.
MiscellaneousM2.140The history of sewing tools. Parts 1,4,5,6.
MiscellaneousM2.141Aveton Gifford parish map project. Aim, method, meetings, finance help and advice.
MiscellaneousM2.142Woodleigh - declaration of the uses of a recovery of the manor and lordship of Woodleigh suffered last Easter Term to Sampson Hurrell, Roger Hurrell, Thomas Hurrell, 1669
MiscellaneousM2.143Manor of Stokingham. Lease of Tenement in Batton. 99 year lease of 3 lives from George Cary of Torr Abbey to John Pearce Elisabeth Bastard and William Pearce.
MiscellaneousM2.144Palaeography Course. Course notes taken by Ivy Davidson (in separate red and white folder)
Miscellaneous PapersM01-09Reports of the Civil War Plymouth.
Miscellaneous PapersM10Letter re Blackdown Rings from P.S. Parkin 1968.
Miscellaneous PapersM11-13Description of Blackdown Rings by P.S. Parkin
Miscellaneous PapersM14Plan of Blackdown Rings.
Miscellaneous PapersM15Oldaport Reference in the Antiquaries Journal 22 1942 65-68
also DAES 2 1933-36 213-215
Miscellaneous PapersM16-18c 1685 names of dangerous men included Servington Savery and his son Christopher of Shilston
17th Century Arrest Order preserved.
Miscellaneous PapersM191790 Details of locks, hinges etc to the making of a walnut bureau for Dr. Langworthy.
Miscellaneous PapersM20List of owners of East and West Leigh also called Leigh Challons and Leigh Durant.
Miscellaneous PapersM21Information re coach times to London 1829. Also steamship times 1824.
Miscellaneous PapersM22-24Beauties of England and Wales Britton and Brayley 1803.
Miscellaneous PapersM25Customs of Modbury Fair
Miscellaneous PapersM26Notes re Modbury Church House.
Miscellaneous PapersM2727/01/1913Letter to Miss Andrews from Claud Legassick Crispin re Modbury Arms.
Miscellaneous PapersM2813/03/1913Letter to Miss Andrews re Modbury Arms from John S. Avery.
Miscellaneous PapersM2930/01/1913Post card to Miss. E.D. Andrews re Modbury Arms from Willshaw and Robinson Ltd. Stoke on Trent.
Miscellaneous PapersM3017/03/1913Letter to Miss Andrews re Modbury Arms from M. Parkes.
Miscellaneous PapersM3114/03/1968Letter from Plymouth library to Rev Hutchings re Auction of serge making establishment in Modbury.
Miscellaneous PapersM32Woollen Manufacture Woollen Mills letter from Professor Ravenhill 1969 University of Exeter.
Miscellaneous PapersM33-37Letter and notes addressed to Rev Hutchings (September 1968) ref houses surveyed by J. Stevens i.e.. Great Orcheton, Little Modbury, Modbury House.
Miscellaneous PapersM38-43Notes on Modbury Baptist Church by K.C. Sparrow - Secretary.
Miscellaneous PapersM44-46Modbury Gas Works and Public Power Supply. Notes compiled by Richard A. Hutchings (1969) 3 pages.
Miscellaneous PapersM47Leaflet Proposed new roads in the South of Devon dated March 3 1824.
Miscellaneous PapersM48-52Notes on the early history of Modbury Schools by R.R. Sellman County Schools Inspector.
Miscellaneous PapersM53History of the Lowry family from 1726
Miscellaneous PapersM54-57Modbury Institution
Report read at a General Meeting of Members 4 pages.
Miscellaneous PapersM57-59Borough Accounts 1767-1807
Churchwarden's Accounts 1622-1828
Miscellaneous PapersM60Regional Guides
Correspondence and suggested extract for the Red Guide "Excursions in the South Hams" 1968 from Ward Lock and Co to the Vicar.
Miscellaneous PapersM61Newspaper Notice re death of Mr. John Cuming - chorister undated.
Miscellaneous PapersM621 - 6 Deeds of Presbyterian Meeting House, Modbury 1736 - 1854. Property in Loddiswell 1823 - 27.
Miscellaneous PapersM63-64Answers to some of Lewis's queries on Modbury for his new edition of the Topographical Dictionary of England.
Miscellaneous PapersM65-65bAccounts - Meat. James Bulteel in account with William Coyte. 1739
Miscellaneous PapersM66-84Memories of a Modbury Man C E Green (two copies)
Miscellaneous PapersM85-87AExcavations in Modbury Churchyard 1965.
Miscellaneous PapersM102-116Survey Devon County Council
Modbury 1954
M102 Introduction
M103 - M112 Body of the Text
M.113 - M114 Appendix A Population
M115-M116 Appendix B Trades and Professions.
Miscellaneous PapersM117-12001/02/1968Letter from Victoria and Albert Museum addressed to Rev. Hutchings concerning the Mayne Swete Clock plus 1957 details of the clock.
Miscellaneous PapersM121Notes re Modbury Fair by Charles Sullivan.
Miscellaneous PapersM122-127Civil War
The Civil War Battle of Modbury Extract from "Barnstaple during the Great Civil War (1642-1646)" by Richard W. Cotton.
Miscellaneous PapersM128-129Modbury Parish Magazine design for cover by Mrs. B. Fuller 1978 and an old print of Modbury church in 1830 (Newsprint) taken from a water colour painted by Miss Charlotte Stackhouse used for History Society's 1978 Christmas Card and the South Devon Times - original hangs in Modbury Church.
Miscellaneous PapersM130-138Notes on Modbury by The Modbury Society 1977.
Miscellaneous PapersM139(Photograph) Display Cabinet at Buckland Abbey where some of Modbury Church Plate is displayed.
Miscellaneous PapersM140-141Nikolaus Pevsner.
Extract Modbury
from "The Buildings of England" South Devon. pub. 1952.
Miscellaneous PapersM142Transcription of Deed in Miss Pearse's boxes. 1728 relates to property called the Gate House adjacent stable called Modbury House Stable.
Miscellaneous PapersM143Letter to Mr. P. Andrews dated 6 September 1994 from Jane Chudley of Abbotskerswell ref Agnes and William Peters.
Miscellaneous PapersM144Reference Sheet of Modbury Public Houses, compiled by Frank Mullery in connection with the Parish Map, 1990s.
Miscellaneous PapersM147Family Tree Valletorts / Champernownes researched by Dr. G. Sheers.
Miss Pearse's newspaper cutingsNB011900 - 1912 Miss Florence Pearse's newspaper cuttings - bound volume.
Miss Pearse's newspaper cutingsNB021913-1918 Miss Florence Pearse's Newspaper cuttings, bound volume.
Miss Pearse's newspaper cutingsNB031918-1922 Miss Florence Pearse's newspaper cuttings bound volume.
Miss Pearse's newspaper cutingsNB041923-1927 Miss Florence Pearse's Newspaper cuttings bound volume
Miss Pearse's newspaper cutingsNB051928-1941 Miss Florence Pearse's Newspaper cuttings bound volume.
Modbury FairMF01The Modbury Fair Day with notes written by J.A.Irish.
Modbury FairMF02Mention of two fairs, St. George and St. James.
Modbury FairMF031972 Modbury Fair poster (2nd copy)
Modbury FairMF04Memories of a Modbury Man "The Fair" a pamphlet with excerpts from C.E. Green's memories of Modbury Fair.
Modbury FairMF05Modbury Fair and Modbury Market. Notes made by Nancy Savery 12 January 1997
Modbury InstitutionI01The Resignation of Charles William Herbert, Director.
The Reverend Stewart Ross B.A. of Modbury, clerk nominated as his successor and has accepted 30 September 1889

November 1862. The resignation of Henry Fice of Ivybridge. Director.
Samuel Callard nominated and appointed as his successor.

3 June 1891 The Resignation of Frederick Stewart Ross, Director.
6 June 1891 The Reverend Reginald le Suer nominated and appointed Director.
Modbury InstitutionI02Appointment of Resident Librarian Kate Steer (1901)
Memorandum of Agreement - Resident Librarian 1897
Description of the uses of the Institution.
Agreement Re building a wall 1841.
Receipt for books 1843.
Letter to acknowledge receipt of letter 1846.
Letter re box of books delivered to Devonport 1844.
Note re peace lecture 25 October 1849.
List stamps and seals engraved by Martin - Newton Abbott.
Note of thanks for the timepiece 1846.
Letter from Phillip Luscombe re election to directorship 1844.
Letter from John Heydon - receipt - bookseller.
Modbury InstitutionI03Essay The Philosophy of Apparitions.
Note - October 1849, peace lecture at Modbury.
Modbury InstitutionI04Modbury Literary Institute.
£500 of Samuel Spry - will dated 10 March 1920.
1. Letter from Mr. Samuel Spry to AC Pode, Solicitor 9.7.13
2. Letter from Mr. Alan Brewer to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury.
3. Letter from A.C. Pode to Mr. Salway 12.7.13 enclosing letter 1 above.
4. Extract from the Will of Samuel Spry, deceased, 10.3.20.
5. Letter from Alan Brewer Solicitor to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 14.1.21.
6. Letter from Alan Brewer Solicitor to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 17.1.21.
7. Re Samuel Spry, deceased, list of securities attached to 6.
8. Letter from Alan Brewer Solicitor to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 31.1.21.
9. Letter from Alan Brewer Solicitor to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 10.9.21.
10. Letter from A.H. Salway, secretary of the Institute to Alan Brewer 27.9.21
11. Letter from Alan Brewer to A.H. Salway 29.9.21.
12. Letter from Charity Commission to A.H. Salway 6.10.21.
13. Letter from Alan Brewer to Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 1.11.21.
14. Letter from A.H. Salway to Alan Brewer 2.11.21.
15. Letter from Alan Brewer Solicitor to the Secretary Literary Institute, Modbury 26.11.21.
16. Receipted account for £5.5.0. Alan Brewer Modbury Literary Institute dated 26 11.21.
17. Letter from Charity Commission to A.H. Salway 8.11.21.
18. Letter from Charity Commission to A.H.. Salway 15.12.21.
19. Charity Commission Order No. 2586 "O" File No. 24810. Office file no. 34699 20.12.21.
20. Letter from Charity Commission to A.H. Salway 4.1.22.
21. Letter from Charity Commission to A.H. Salway 11.1.22.
Modbury InstitutionI051. Prospectus of Lectures etc for half session commencing 22 October 1847.
2. Prospectus of Lectures etc. for beginning of session 1848.
3. 2 lists of subjects for discussion etc. 27 October 1848 to 26 April 1849.
4. List of Discussion meetings dated 14 November 1849.
5. Prospectus of Lectures for first half of session 1851 - 52.
6. Lectures etc for Spring Session commencing 10 February 1853.
7. Notice of Soiree 7 October 1853.
8. Prospectus of members discussion meetings for the session 1854.
9. Lecture at Institute, Modbury "Our Jewish Life" 21 November 1861.
Modbury InstitutionI06The Foundation Document between Richard King, formerly of Modbury, of New York and others as Trustees...the appointment in for... the messuages and hereditaments in Modbury for founding an Institute for the promotion of literature and science.

Notification of Intent to found the Institution.
Mr. Sherwell's queries and remarks on "Draft Deed of Gift" September 1840.
Modbury InstitutionI07Report on reading room, library, lectures, classes, museum.
Modbury InstitutionI08Letter from Richard King to Mr. John Andrews about musical performances at the Modbury Institution (written from Ivybridge).
Modbury InstitutionI09List of Presidents and Vice Presidents from the Commencement 1842 - 1895
December 28 1852 Directors meeting Mr. R. Lethbridge, Chairman, John Andrews elected President.
Modbury InstitutionI10Argument as to the meaning of the expression "Special Meeting" in the Foundation Deed. Mr. Oxenham v Mr. John Andrews.
Modbury InstitutionI11Illustration of the Buildings on members card.
Modbury InstitutionI12Rules and Bylaws
including a catalogue of books in the library 1846.
Rules of lending library
Rules and bylaws as revised by committee
See also PH7 - photographs.
Modbury InstitutionI13Lecture to be given by Lt. Col. H Smith "concerning the little knowledge re commencement of science, fine arts, Egypt, Babel and Babylon and Nineveh, with a view to the progress of civilisation from the degrees of science displayed in the ruins of their buildings" etc.
Modbury InstitutionI14Richard King Esq to Trustees
Appointment in fee of messuages and hereditaments in the town of Modbury for founding an Institute for the promotion of Literature and Science.
Modbury InstitutionI15Revision of rules for election to membership, the Reading Room, library, lectures, classes and museum, and abstract of the Accounts 1850.
Modbury InstitutionI16Mechanics Institute
Rules and Regulations 1831
Modbury InstitutionI17Notification that "endeavours shall be made to raise by subscription an account sufficient to defray extra expenses" to prevent the curtailment of the advantages of the Lecture Room and Library"
23.2.81 The list of Trustees and Directors is appended
Mid 19th century list of trustees and directors.
Modbury InstitutionI18Public lecture on combustion at the White Hart.
Modbury InstitutionI19Booksellers Accounts … settled 1876. An account of expenses - paid for by the £50 donation of Mr. John Andrews pre 1870.
Modbury InstitutionI20Notes of Monthly committee meeting December 1859.
Modbury InstitutionI21Visitors Ticket Admission Card - Mr. John Andrews Member and subscriber to Lending library 1840s
Recommendation for election as member - September 26 1904 Frank Toms.
Modbury InstitutionI22Richard King's signature.
Modbury InstitutionI23Richard King. Notes in Mary-Rose Rogers' handwriting.
Modbury InstitutionI24Minutes committee meetings from 27 December 1841 to 6 August 1849
ditto from September 1849 to October 1862.

Correspondence of James Savery King (descendant of Richard King Modbury and New York, founder of the Modbury Institution)
with Mr. Parry James and his widow Mrs Parry James
re Modbury History and Fowelscombe
Richard King's family tree.
Modbury InstitutionI25Minutes of committee meetings from 3 November 1862 to 16 January 1922.
Modbury InstitutionI26Founding Papers. Last will and testament - Richard King.
Modbury InstitutionI27Richard King alias Graham Founder of Modbury Institution - his life history.
Modbury InstitutionI28"Epitome of the Foundation Deed"
Copied in the Institution Book January 1843
Receipt for Manor and Modbury Rents 1s.2d 1910 R.E. Bowne Steward to Lord of Manor C.W.L. Crispin
Modbury InstitutionI29See LP2
for copy of Deeds naming the buildings lands trustees of the Institution 1840 and 1881.
Modbury InstitutionI24aCorrespondence of James Savery King (descendant of Richard King Modbury and New York, founder of the Modbury Institution)
with Mr. Parry James and his widow Mrs Parry James
re Modbury History and Fowelscombe
Richard King's family tree.
Modbury SchoolMS01Modbury School Abraham Foster - Account Book 1852
Modbury SchoolMS02Looking Back (part 2) 1978 - 1997 typescript compiled by Gordon Waterhouse.
Modbury SchoolMS03Modbury Schools "Looking Back" 1881 - 1981 1 copy in the box file, 1 copy on the book shelf.
Modbury SchoolMS04Modbury School "A Windy Night and other Armada Poems and Tales" by Modbury Primary School.
Modbury SchoolMS05Modbury School, Centenary Play Transcript.
Modbury SchoolMS06Modbury School Kathleen Steers School Reports
1. Spring Term 1929
2. Summer Term 1929
3. Christmas Term 1929
4. Easter Term 1930
Modbury SchoolMS081868 Agreement to convert two cottages at the North East top of Back Street into one school room - the School Hall?
Document received from Ashburton Museum 1993.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP01Photocopies of deeds relating to 34, 35, 36 Church Street, north side, opposite Shambles. First deed transcribed 25 March 1803.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP02Notes re Orcheton, Burgage in Brownston Street, Church House.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP03Quarry. Surveyor's letter re a gutter dated March 1838
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP04Sheepham, Sheepham Parks, Chatwell, Modbury Park.
Lease March 1871
Lease of Sheepham March 1871
Draft appointment December 1871
TheSheephams, Modbury Park, Chatwells
Notice to quit August 1876
Letter from Sheepham March 1877
Note to be let March 1877
Draft agreement May 1877
Letter re tender June 1877
Agreement for the Strole and Little Meadow, Sheepham July 1877
Particulars of Sheepham and Parks undated
Lease of two fields for 7 years July 1877.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP05Copy of deed 1788 dwelling house Bakehouse Garden and premises in Poundwell Street.
Linhay Herb garden Close called Scalden.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP06Copy of Deed 1793 between William Langworthy, surgeon, and Rbt Horsewill (Plushmaker) Dwelling house north east side of Galloping Street.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP07The Wheelwrights site deed, 6 Powndwell Street, 1822. Death Certificate William Thomas Davis 1922 Master Wheelwright 13 Powndwell Street.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP08Deeds and leases
1778 - 1882 and 1886 - 7 re the Higher Malthouse, Palm Cross Green
Stubson 1681 - 1801
Mary Cross field 1832-3
Week Marshes etc
Cross Parks alias Hyne's Tenement
and various deeds concerning neighbouring parishes.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP091. House in Galpin Street 1748 and 56
2. House in Galpin Street 1793
3. Houses in Gallopin Street 1785
4. House in Poundwell Street 1780 and 1788
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP10Deeds (transcriptions) relating to Silverwell.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP11Butland Farm, Modbury.
A. Romano - British Enclosure at Butland Farm, Modbury. Archaeological Report by W.S. Horner.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP12Sale by Auction 1917 Particulars and conditions.
Lot 1 43 Brownston Street
Lot 2 Yard adjoining Lot 1 with motor garage and pit.
Lot 3 36 and 37 Church Street
Lot 4. 62, 63, 64 Brownston Street.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP13Property near Palm Cross Green "heretofore called Modbury Great House" includes the Higher Malthouse Indre 10th July 1778
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP14Notes by Mary Petter re Modbury Methodist Church
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP15Tenancy conditions of Grass fields at Traine to Charles Choake and Son 1902.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP161795 Memorandum re various properties in Modbury including Church, Galpin Street, Court Leet, Modbury House, written by Mary Petter.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP17Land Tax redeemed in Modbury - various properties 1799 - 1803
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP1829 Church Street, owned by Thomas Lakeman 1868. Drainage Assessment.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP192 dwellings in Galpin Street. Inland Revenue Account of Succession in real property 1885/90
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP20Stollaford Orchard Release 1799 (see also MSP21)
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP21Ludbrook Manor 1728 also Stollaford Orchard.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP22Property South side of Church Street. Handwritten copy of Conveyance 3rd January 1715/6
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP23Borough of Modbury and the Manor of Great Modbury. Conveyance of manorial rights 1941.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP2419 Church Street, formerly The Devonport Inn.
1774 The Rose and Crown to John Coyte.
1804 Messuage to Henry Nicholson.
1850 House stable outhouses courtilege to John Horswell.
1967 to Commander R.G. Macpherson DSO RN
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP25Deeds of Meeting House, Gallopin Street
Modbury 1736/7, 1746/7, 1777, 1812, 1823, 1825, 1828, 1829, 1838, 1854
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP26Inventory of goods, chattels and debts of John ffriend 1653
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP27Indenture lease of Higher Ayleston, 20.11.1644
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP28Borough of Modbury. Property lying within the Borough Tripartite Indenture dated 1781 formerly in the possession of John Collins.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP29Quit-claim concerning Brownston dated 7th July 1628.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP30Deed relating to Little Modbury (Tripartite Indenture) 13 September 1575 involving Elizabeth Carew and Katherine Champernowne.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP31Bargain and sale of a house in Brownston Street 9 April 1811.
John and Richard Cuming to Mr. George Langworthy trustee for Mr. Henry Bradridge.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP32Brownston. Lease of a property 1631
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP33Brownston Street
Will of John Cuming, a carpenter,, 1811.
Mentions a property situated on the eastern side of Brownston Street. Also seal of Richard Cuming, seal of His Majesty's High Court of Justice Probate Division.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP34Conveyance of Silverwell Water to trustees for the inhabitants of Modbury.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP35Counterpart of a lease in Back Street, Modbury 4 May 1753, now the National School. Jas Bulteel Esq to Wm Elliott for 99 years. 3 year lease to George Elliott aged 7 and William Elliott aged 3.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP36Lease of property in Back Street, Modbury.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP37Abstract of Title
Messuage or dwelling house in Galloping Street (3 storeys? Broad Street) Servington Savery
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP38Survey of the Manor and Borough of Great Modbury May 1708. Borough rents, Manor rents. Mentions "The Cheap House".
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP39Particulars Plan and conditions of sale of valuable freehold farms. Rich grazing land etc. and "Old Manor House" (about 185 acres) December 1910 (with map attached)
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP4018 Church Street Photocopy of Purchase Document 1870 (Signed August 23rd 1871) Purchased from Mrs. Avent Buyer - John Dawson.
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP41Red Devon Hotel Correspondence re Demolition of the building, plus photographs and maps and newscutting (showing its former name - Great Western Hotel).
Modbury Specific PropertiesMSP42Conveyance of Field known as "Thirty Acres" dated 20th September 1928, together with sketch map and copies of the relevant documents.
Newspaper CuttingsN0111/11/1992Newspaper Evening Herald - Transport form the Past
Newspaper CuttingsN02Bygones Our War 1939 - 45
Newspaper CuttingsN03The Modbury and Ivybridge Review January 1890, and January 1891
Newspaper CuttingsN04The History of Runaway Lane. The Illustrated Western Weekly News.
Newspaper CuttingsN05Modbury Church. The Illustrated Western Weekly News.
Newspaper CuttingsN06Discovery of Well - Modbury House?
Western Morning News 20.4.93
Newspaper CuttingsN0724/09/1997Historical Modbury - houses architectural features - life etc. Western Morning News?
Newspaper CuttingsN0804/04/1948Inventor of the Stetson. Western Morning News.
Newspaper CuttingsN09Western Morning News Articles
Bowringsleigh, Woodbarton (Fortescue, Elyot)
Delamore House, Roddon, Bothe, Metsted, Courtenay, Cole, Bellmaine, Treby, Parker, West Leigh, Yarnacombe.
Newspaper CuttingsN10Modbury profile. Westcountry Living 1997
Newspaper CuttingsN11Photographic History. Two accounts of the launch of Modbury, Our Inheritance. Gazette 28 August 1981 and Western Evening Herald 17 September 1981.
Newspaper CuttingsN12Modbury History 1971. Two newspaper articles The South Devon Times April 2, The Western News March 30th re the publication of Modbury History. 1 article, South Devon Gazette 6.8.71 re photographic exhibition.
Newspaper CuttingsN1304/05/1996Leigh Barton Churchstow Western Morning News?
Newspaper CuttingsN1401/04/1996Western Morning News
Modbury - a small town that has everything.
Newspaper CuttingsN1520/08/1997John Swete's Journal. Westcountry News.
Newspaper CuttingsN1625/04/1975Ivybridge and South Brent Gazette. Survey of public conveniences in the South Hams including Modbury. A comparative study.
Newspaper CuttingsN1713/08/1982Kingsbridge Gazette Article re repair of Modbury Barracks wall.
Newspaper CuttingsN18Newsletter No. 10 Summer 1993 royal Commission on the historical monuments of England.
Newspaper CuttingsN19Newspaper Article Re Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould W.M.N. 23.10.99
Newspaper CuttingsN20Kingsbridge Gazette Article Re Leigh Barton Medieval House October 1999.
Plus Photocopy of article describing the site of Leigh Barton with Illustrations and sketches (Visitor Handout, 2001)
Newspaper CuttingsN21Western Morning News Article dated August 2001 re Archaeologist Dark Age pottery find in mouth of River Avon.
Newspaper CuttingsN22Western Morning News Article and Ref Re building of Buckfast Abbey. (January 1999)
Perring FamilyP2.01Copy of baptism entry for Richard Perring 1727 (written in 1844)
Perring FamilyP2.07Letter from Claude Perring re pedigree of Perry Family
Perring FamilyP2.08Memorandum partly re Collins House
Perring FamilyP2.02One year lease to Mr. Philip Perring from Mr. John Savery Esq 1/4 messuage in Moons Lane.
22nd February 1766 - Release from John Savery Esq to Mr. Philip Perring of 1/4 messuage in Moons Lane.
Perring FamilyP2.03One year lease from Mr. Thos Coyte to Mr. Philip Perring of 3/4 messuage in Moon's Lane
22nd February 1766 Release from Mr and Mrs Thos. Coyte to Mr. Philip Perring of 3/4 messuage in Moons Lane
Perring FamilyP2.05Perring 1826 lease for a year to Susanna Perring. Sale document 9 December 1826 - Release in fee to Susanna Perring - dwelling house in Modbury near Swanbridge Mill, Langworthy.
Perring FamilyP2.13Schedule of deeds. Property in Church Street and Moon's Lane 1766 - 1903. Perring property 1888. Abstract of title 15,16,17 and 18 Church Street.
Perring FamilyP2.06Lease for a year to Miss Susanna Perring. An indenture between Sir John Perring baronet and Philip Perring Esq, Bishopsgate London and co partners Samuel Wroth gentleman of Modbury, John Berry of Chagford, serge manufacturers,John Flashman, Modbury woolcomber and Richard Perring on the one part and Susanna Perring of Modbury. Also all that messuage and dwelling house in the warehouses and drying loft in Church Street. Also the Tucking or Fulling mills now spinning factory and dwelling house. 15 February 1827 release in fee of the above consideration £1210
Perring FamilyP2.10Rents - letter from Claude Perring to Rev. I Dawson and notes on Perring family.
Perring FamilyP2.11William Goodwin, will of mariner among Perring papers.
Perring FamilyP2.12Extract from the will of Isaac Dawson, Modbury Devon Clerk and memorandum by Robert Toms dated 1855. Certificate of payment of succession duty 12 July 1855.
Perring FamilyP2.14Dawson. Property valuation by William Pearse (1883) among Perring papers.
Perring FamilyP2.15Perring Property. Conveyance John Dawson and others to Mr. William Ware 15,16,17, and 18 Church Street, Modbury
Requisitions on title 15,16,17, and 18 Church Street, Modbury 29th May 1888. Deposit of deeds and writings re certain freehold messuages in Church Street, Moon's Lane.
Perring FamilyP2.16Letters from Denis Perring re Perring family 1979.
Perring FamilyP2.17Membland Hall Advert
Perring FamilyP2.18aIvy Davidson's notes on the Perring family and the cloth industry.
Perring FamilyP2.18bIvy Davidson's notes on woollen industry.
Perring FamilyP2.04Perring, Richard. Tax Office Certificate re land tax (Registered 27th June 1799)
Perring FamilyP2.09Conveyance of Property in Modbury by Claude Perring to Rev Isaac Dawson - south side of Church Street.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.01-04Sheets 1-4 Old Traine in Modbury. The House and Its Early Owners by Rev. J.L.E. Hoopell F.S.G. 1927
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.05-20Washwell Annuity copy of document 1620 made by Florence Pearse.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.211642 Account of Battle of Modbury
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.221567 notes re church steeple and priory
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.23-26Traine History of the ownership. 3 sheets of Manuscript in John Andrews' hand . 4th sheet = sketch map of the ancient boundaries.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.27Conveyance of Modbury House from Sir Arthur Champernowne to Henry Legassicke 1697; mentions other properties and land.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.28-31Modbury manor - notes taken from Whites Directory 1850.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.32Notes made by John Andrews II on Swete family 17th and 18th century.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.334 pages extracts from the diaries of Edmund Andrews 1745-1779
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.34, 35Mrs Esther Swete's letter to Miss Philippa Swete 1747
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.36Letter from Esther Swete to Edmund Andrews.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.37-40Mrs Esther Swete's letter to Edmund Andrews sent from London dated 22nd February 1759.
also Mrs. Esther Swete's letter to Edmund Andrews, sent from London, dated 24 April 1759.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.41Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.42, 43Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.44Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.45, 46Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Letter from Mr. Leonard to Mr. Edmund Andrews 14th August 1760.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.47Letter to Mr. Edmund Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.48Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.49Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.50Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.51, 52Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.53, 54Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.55Letter to Mr. Andrews at Traine from Mrs E. Swete at Old Winsor.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.56, 57Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete Cold Valerian tea recommended.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.58-60Letter to Mr. Andrews from Mrs E. Swete.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.61-78Notes on Diaries of Edmund Andrews 1745 - 1779
compiled by BM Parry James January 1969.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.79Extracts from some accounts of the Alien Priories 1786
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.80-103Memorandum concerning the town and parish of Modbury written about 1795, thought to be written by John Andrews for Polwhele's Devon.
Photographic survey of ModburyT1.104, 105Valuation of lands belonging to John Beaumont Swete Esq. re new turnpike lines/branch roads and complementary damage thereby incurred.
Photographic survey of ModburyPH SurveyPhotographs 1 -104
Photographic survey of ModburyPH SurveyCompleted Questionnaires re Photographic Survey of Modbury to accompany box of photos. C. 1970
PhotographsPH02Buildings, church and vicarage
PhotographsPH03Street scenes
PhotographsPH05South Hams general
PhotographsPH06Buildings general
Photograph of original watercolour of Old Traine 16th century
PhotographsPH07Modbury Institute illustration of documents.
PhotographsPH08Views around parish
PhotographsPH10Modbury fair and Market and carnival 2001
PhotographsPH13Edward VII Proclamation
PhotographsPH14Broad Street Gas Mains 1992, Victorian Sewer unearthed 1992.
PhotographsPH15Water Silverwell
PhotographsPH18"Modbury, our Inheritance" photos
PhotographsPH17Index lists of slides / negatives
PhotographsPH16Negatives for black and white photographs of Modbury listed buildings etc.
PhotographsPH17Index of slides / negatives of old Modbury
PhotographsPH18a81 photographs for the "Modbury Inheritance" and one diagram.
PhotographsPH18bOriginal camera copy used for "Our Inheritance" text only.
PoundwellP3.01Lease for a house on the lives of James Legassick and Ffrances Avent (1718)
PoundwellP3.02Lease mentioning Pottell and Legassick 1680.
PoundwellP3.03Indenture of one messuage or tenement with appurtenances lately divided into 3 separate dwellings and all that one garden and herb garden belonging and adjoining situated in Powne street between the King's highways on the east and north the lands of one Damerell on the west part and the lands of one Phillips on the south part in the presence of John Harvey and Honor Widow.
PoundwellP3.04Sampson Harveys Grant of a lease of 3 lives unto Robert Harvey of a messuage adjoining Poundwell Street.
PoundwellP3.05Pownwell (as spelt)
Reversion (1753) (surrendered 31st May 1804) for house near Poundwell.
PoundwellP3.06Counterpart of lease from Sampson Harvey to Robert Shepheard for dwelling house adjoining Poundwell Street.
Indenture - Perring's House.
PoundwellP3.07Photocopy of Indenture February 1680 (lease to trustees of the house at Poundwell).
PoundwellP3.08Line drawing of part of Poundwell House by Jo Cobb (2001)
Tithe MapTMIndex to Map apportionment award. View of the bounds 8 November 1803.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS01Correspondence from California re Swetes of Traine.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS0217/03/19671967 South Devon Times article re Traine.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS03Old Traine Modbury. Letter to Mr. Savery King re his research re Old Traine Swete and Tripe.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS0421/07/1927Copies of the Account published in the Devonshire Association by J.L.E. Hooppell F.S.G. Old Traine in Modbury. Copy of a newspaper cutting, historic houses of Devon, Old Traine.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS05Letter to Mrs. Rogers from W. Allan Andrews.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS06Handwritten notes on Traine copied by Miss E. Irish.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS07Notes on the excavation at Traine Easter 1993 by T.F.R. Jones Plymouth.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS08Mayne Swete - Clock - "Musical masterpiece".
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS09Notes on Old Traine by G.W. Copeland mid 20th century.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS10See LP4 The Swete family crest.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS11Traine AD1262, typescript of a conveyance from the Abbot of St. Pierre sur Dives in Normandy to William de Arboribus of the Estate called Traine (2 copies)
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS12Description of Modbury Almshouse 1684.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS13Traine Farm Drainage scheme for New Meadow and Easter Field.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS14Traine notes by J.A. 1805. Also Prospects and views near Modbury.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS15Brownston and Modbury
Communication from Charles, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland date 17th century (within dates 1625 - 1685) to Denys Rolle, Knight, Sheriff of Devon concerning land held by Adrian Swete, gentleman in chief.
Written in Latin, footnote in English.
On paper.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS161875. Alterations to Traine House. Specification and estimate of works to be done by J. Pearse of Poundwell for the sum of £850. Sent to Richard Andrews Esq. Modbury.
Traine/Swete/AndrewsTS17Swete Journals. Extracts from journals 1624 - 1712 made by John Andrews Solicitor of Modbury in 1790. (Type copy at H112-120).